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EXTINCTION: Microbes may have caused Earth’s biggest extinction

Source: By: Tia Ghose, Staff Writer Posted on: April 01, 2014 < p>A microbial feeding frenzy may have fueled the biggest mass extinction in Earth’s history, new research suggests. The findings suggest that bacteria, with a little help from massive volcanism, produced large quantities of methane, thereby killing 90 percent of life on the planet. Mass extinction About […]

DISASTER: FEMA Enlists Designers to Rethink Disaster Relief

Source: By: KYLE VANHEMERT Posted on: 02.06.14 A scene from Frog’s post-Sandy workshop. Image: Frog In late October of 2012, as Hurricane Sandy was bearing down on the eastern seaboard, some important members of the Federal Emergency Management Agency were toying with an idea that was a little bit unusual, at least for members of a government agency […]

Here it comes…Spring 2014 Tornado season…Prepare Now…

Tornado Preparedness Requires a Plan Tornado country preparedness. The basics…the awareness…the warnings…the shelter…the recovery. I grew up in north Texas, and spent my first 33 years there. We had our share of destructive and deadly twisters many times. In February 1969, after midnight, a deadly tornado hit a mobile home park to our northwest over […]

NEWS.GOV: Congress Discusses Emergency Preparedness Ahead of DC Snowstorm

Source:   By: Tess VandenDolder Staff Writer, Politics InTheCapital Posted on: February 12th 2014, 4:33pm On Wednesday afternoon, the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee gathered to discuss national efforts to prepare for weather disasters, including snowstorms like the one expected to pummel Washington throughout the day on Thursday. The coming storm, which is currently making its way up […]

UPDATE: Winter Storm Leon (Southeast US)…late January historic ice storm

Winter storm Leon has briskly crossed the nation, hitting the deep south with ice storms, huge snow falls, and incredible effects to traffic, businesses, and even schools across the breadth of the entire southeast portion of the US.  Tens of thousands of motorists have been stranded, most without any emergency kits in their vehicles, and […]