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THINK: Prepping Is More Than Food & Water

Source: By: PRUDENCE  Posted on: JANUARY 8, 2014 Being prepared can become an overwhelming task, there is a lot to do and consider.  It is important to understand that preparing is more than just stocking up on food and water.  It can be overwhelming when looking at the big picture and all the different things  you need […]

DOOM: Student’s doomsday plan wins at NASA

Source: By: Sridhar Vivan Posted on: Mar 26, 2014 Their 207-page blueprint on an alternative earth draws water and oxygen from the moon, ‘invents’ gravity and even provides for a viable economy < p>A nuclear holocaust, the super bug ravishing humankind, a flashing neon orbit descending from the sky or an asteroid tearing the planet as we […]

SURVIVAL: How to make and carry a survival hydration system

Source: By: Leon Pantenburg Posted on: March 16th, 2014  What do you need to stay hydrated? There isn’t a do-it-all, indispensable water filtration/purification system, as far as I’m concerned. But here is how to put together an integrated survival water system that may work for you. Start with where you anticipate being. Water will be harder to […]

RESOURCES: Finding Water In The Wilderness

Source: By: whitewolf Posted on: January 11, 2013 Finding Water in the Wilderness People cannot survive in the wilderness without air, water and food. In normal conditions a person can live without air for three minutes, without water for three days, and without food for three weeks. Since air is plentiful (in most survival situations) we shouldn’t […]

PREPS: Long Term Water Solutions: Bugging In

Source: By: Daisy Luther Posted on: March 4, 2014 Water is second only to oxygen in the hierarchy of survival. Without it, in 3 days, you’ll die.  But it goes much further than that.  Water is vital for basic sanitation, for growing more food, for raising livestock, for cooking, and for treating injuries. So even if you […]