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Boston Terrorist Attack 4/15/13 – Patriot’s Day

The nation saw another event of terrorism in our heartland yesterday. 3 people were killed, and more than 176 injured, including 17 critically. Hundreds of cameras were at the site of the event, recording at the finish line of the 117th running of the annual Boston Marathon, and two explosions were captured at the moment […]

You. Can’t. Hide…

Before you watch this short 5 minute video, I need to tell you an interesting tale about tech and its growth into our little world of consumer toys. But, for God’s sake….DO watch the video. You need to know the capability of TODAY’S technology, and where it is being used…right here in our own backyards. Back […]

Media Request: Weapon Preppers Casting Call

Here’s yet another request for volunteers who would like to share their prepping methods, tools, equipment, and knowledge with the world, via Reality Television. As always, volunteer at your own risk.   ORION ENTERTAINMENT IS CASTING FOR A DOCU-REALITY TELEVISION PILOT FOR PREPPERS IN THE PERSONAL SECURITY SPACE Orion Entertainment, the world’s leader in outdoor-adventure […]

Source for latest Tornado Warnings

Tuscaloosa Twister 4/27/11 During this historic tornado outbreak, I’ve tried to find several sources for getting the latest news and storm events, so you can be aware of the conditions as this outbreak continues. Below is the best link, showing the absolute latest tornado warnings on the web Here’s one that hit close to […]

Free DVD – “Nuclear Tipping Point”

From Sam Nunn, via email.. NEWS FROM NTI Nuclear Tipping Point Premiere Held at Universal Studios, Co-hosted by Governor Schwarzenegger; Documentary Tackles Nuclear Dangers, Features Shultz, Perry, Kissinger, and Nunn Dear  Rich: Last week, Nuclear Tipping Point premiered at Universal Studios, Hollywood, co- hosted by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The documentary film focuses on conversations […]