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SurvivalRing Radio Podcast – Show 103 – Jan. 20th, 2017

Friday night’s  show is done…news of the day, homesteading tips, frugality, home security, and brain science…understanding how your brain responds to danger…and how to make it better. SurvivalRing Radio…we’re gonna make it out alive….catch the podcast here… SurvivalRing Radio – 01/20/2017 As always, you are invited to be part of the show every week, either […]

SURVIVAL: Civil War survival lessons from a 92nd Illinois Infantryman

Source: Used with Permission by Leon Pantenburg Basic survival skills don’t change. Here are some lessons from a Civil War infantryman on how to provide food, shelter and improvise lighting during hard campaigning.  I ordered by inter-library loan a book named “Three Years with the 92nd Illinois: The Civil War Diary of John M. […]

Reviews: Five Top Survival Psychology Books

Shared with permission of Leon from Posted on June 4th, 2010 by Leon in Recommended Readings by Leon Pantenburg Any list you make shows your priorities, and hopefully this list will help establish some in your survival planning! The idea behind started several years ago. As a journalist, I was often on the scene […]

Review: Worth Reading > Desert Survival Skills

Shared with permission of Leon from SurvivalCommonSense.comPosted on April 19th, 2010 by Leon in Recommended Readings by Leon Pantenburg   Desert Survival Skills by David Alloway Whenever someone writes a book on wilderness survival, the general public seems to assume that the writer is an   Adequate water is crucial in any environment, but particularly […]

Review: Worth Reading – “Survival Psychology”

Shared with permission of Leon from SurvivalCommonSense.comOriginally Posted on April 13th, 2010 by Leon in Recommended Readings by Leon Pantenburg One idea survival book authors may be able to agree upon is that mental attitude is critical to any survival scenario. Countless documented cases  prove  your attitude and reaction to the situation,  not your survival kit […]