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SurvivalRing fundraiser time — Updated

SurvivalRing Radio has been shut down for the time being (mentioned this last Friday). The main site and the websites will remain online…just no upcoming podcasts or shows for the time beings. We’ll call our “Hiatus” for the radio show temporary for the next few months. Focus on family and career (and health) […]

News from Rich…Mid Vacation Check-in

Sitting in the office of son-in-law’s shop, borrowing some Ethernet  No Net at the house…it’s way rural. WAY rural. In many ways, we’re just “off the grid” for now. Sometimes you do just have to disconnect to recharge. Family reunion and bonding time? Priceless. Just in case you were wondering why I have dropped off the […]

..and We’re Back…(well, for the most part)

Sheesh…what a workout. After over 2  weeks of living hell, the SurvivalRing website is back to most of what it was before the hack of Monday, October 15th, in the wee hours of the morning. There are still going to be quite a few odds and ends MIA…(that is, “Missing In Action”) while we work […]

The 2011 SurvivalRing Funds Drive

Donate Via PayPal Donate Via Amazon Donate Via Google Checkout It is that time of year, where we have to renew the hosting for our website (1,000 gigs of online storage with unlimited bandwidth…which lets you and every other visitor download EVERYTHING we have). We also have multiple domains to renew, program licenses (due semi-annually […]