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I’m inspired to share this very detailed infographic today for two reasons. The first is a book I just finished this week called “One Second After“,  a contemporary view of what our daily life would be like, should an attack by our worst foes and enemies procure, launch and light off high yield nuclear weapons […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Man-Made Disasters … Our Own Fault

Source: Man-Made Disasters: Our Own Fault Natural disasters, for the most part, can’t be avoided. But how much time and money do we spend cleaning up our own messes? The Costliest Some of the most expensive disasters in history have been man-made. Let’s explore the most expensive disasters that were humans’ fault. Jan. 28, 1986: […]

KNOWLEDGE: Population Density Dot Map of the USA

Source: By: Ken Jorgustin Posted on: February 16, 2014   Population density is an important factor when it comes to analyzing many different things. In the context of our website (preparedness and risk awareness), we might for example, examine population density versus the wide array of risks which could affect many numbers of people – including the […]

Infographic: Americas Lost Liberties

Another great infographic from my friend Charlotte. Sadly, I have to agree with most of what you’re about to read. Americas Lost Liberties Infographic This infographic explains the liberties that America has lost in recent years. American citizens continues to sit quietly while we loose our liberties. In recent years, we have lost so many […]

Infographic: Biggest Security Breaches of 2013

[Shared as part of our ongoing coverage of personal preparedness in our digital lives…Rich] from Marble Security… The Biggest Security Breaches of 2013 January 14, 2014 In 2013, millions of accounts were compromised. Customers suffered and businesses lost millions of dollars due to the massive security breaches that took place. However, these security breaches are […]

Infographic: Water Storage and you

Thanks to for creating and sharing this great source of info on one of the most important needs for every single person in your life. Print it out and hang it in your kitchen, preferably your fridge door, or maybe inside the pantry so every time you look into the pantry for something, you’ve […]