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FUTURE: Top 10 Reasons America Depends On Survivalists And Preppers

Source: By: DR. DAVID EIFRIG JR. Posted on: MARCH 4, 2014 < p>There has been a lot of derogatory talk lately about “preppers” and “survivalists.” Here are 10 reasons why preppers and survivalists have always been vital to the United States and why it is essential that we have as many as possible to survive future disasters. […]

WHEELS: A Practical Look at Bug Out Vehicles

Source: By: CHRIS RAY Posted on: MARCH 26, 2014 When you see the term “Bug Out Vehicle (BOV),” what comes to mind? Is it a pre-1980’s vehicle without a computer that would be EMP proof? Or possibly a vehicle tailored for bugging out that might be impractical but very, very cool, like the “Survivor Truck”? While I would […]

SKILLS: 5 Steps To Treating Broken Bones In The Wilderness

Source: By: Adam C Posted on: March 17, 2014 The worst place you could possibly break a bone is out in the wilderness, but of course it does happen, and it happens quite often, in fact. The main reason for this is simple: The wilderness is a place that hasn’t been sanitized and made perfectly safe for human habitation. […]

PREPS: Teaching your family emergency preparedness

Source: By: Becky Rickman Posted on: Mar 10, 2014 Natural disasters strike. They are a fact of life. Being prepared for them will make it easier and less worrisome. Teaching your children to be prepared without making it too scary can be accomplished. Here are some family activities that will help you to prepare for the what-ifs […]

KITS: Wilderness Survival Kits … Top Ten Items

Source: By: Jason Knight Posted on: March 2014 Wilderness survival kits can provide you with just the right amount of tools and supplies to make it through a challenging outdoor experience. The items you choose to carry can vary widely depending on your skill level, the environment you will be traveling in, as well as the […]