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Selco: Do Not Go Out … “You Do Not Prepare to Be a Hero…You Prepare to Survive”

Source: By: Selco Posted on: FEBRUARY 22, 2014 Editor’s Note: The following article has been shared with our community by Selco of SHTF School. His personal experiences during the Balkan war have been documented in One Year in Hell and are an invaluable knowledge base for any serious preparedness minded individual. When riots break out in your city or […]

NEWSLETTER: [NW-Preppers-and-Survivalists] Feb 16, 2014 – Preppers Newsletter

SHARED WITH PERMISSION Source: NW Preppers Newsletter — Old Members, please Rate this group, since many of you where with me for years at the other group. Since actually we are the same, except by name.  Thank you. Vic  NOTE:   My computer is up and working again. Hey….!!     But Yahoo is STILL Not formatting correctly. Sorry for […]

SKILLS: How to Barter in an Emergency

New Post Snippet for News and Posts from other Sites Source: By: The Ready Store Posted on: Updated June 15, 2012 When you are caught in a disaster, either natural or economical, supplies can be in short demand. Bartering is a great skill to have to be able to trade your unique goods and services in order […]