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Opinion: Taking sides…

From Elie Wiesel’s Nobel Peace Price acceptance speech in 1986: And then I explained to him how naive we were, that the world did know and remain silent. And that is why I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the […]

Update, Content, News, and months of podcasts.

Well, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted here on the blog of SurvivalRing, and I do apologize. Life has been rather full outside the front door, and the moments in front of my computer (normally plural…the laptop is still down with a *Windows 10* infection) have been focused on research, online radio work, and […]

WHAT-IFS?: Doomsday Prepping – Are You Ready For Disaster?

Source: By: Mike Posted on: March 2014 Doomsday prepping is a way of life.  We hear that all the time from the extreme doomsday preppers. However, doomsday prepping can certainly mean different things to different people.  Some feel that anything less than anfully armed underground bunker filled with 3 years of food and water is a waste […]

PSYCHE: The Top 10 Personality Traits of a Prepper

Source: By: James Kearney Posted on: January 2014 Today’s post comes from James Kearney from We’ll be discussing the top 10 personality traits that you’ll need to survive a global disaster.  Contrary to what you may believe, there are certain personality traits and characteristics that are common among survivors of real-world disaster scenarios. Unfortunately, not everyone […]

DECISIONS: Bugging Out Could Mean Life or Death

Source: By: DALE Posted on: February 2014 Everyone seems to be interested in bugging out, especially anyone who just became aware of preparedness or accidentally came across something on T.V. In reality Bugging out could mean life or death. I personally have no desire to up and leave everything I have built up and I don’t […]

POLL: How Prepared are Americans? Not that Prepared

Source: By: The Ready Store Posted on: March 7, 2012 A recent survey reported on American’s beliefs about preparation and disaster preparedness. The major finding of the survey, conducted by Kelton Research, showed that 85% of Americans do not feel prepared for a catastrophe. They were asked questions about why they feel they need to prepare, what […]