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SurvivalRing Radio Talk -Survival, Preparedness, and Self Reliance – 02/10/2017

Here’s today’s episode of SurvivalRing Radio. Today’s Topic?  The Basics of Self Defense Techniques, What a nuclear attack on the USA might look like, FREE fallout shelter plans, putting in your own well, News & more…all things you need to consider in building YOUR situational awareness lifestyle. Survival…what it takes, what you need, and how to become […]

DHS: Stop. Think. Connect. April 2014

April 2014 Update IN THIS ISSUE Help Kids Navigate Through Unique Cybersecurity Threats Partner Spotlight: D.A.R.E. Federal Spotlight: Federal Programs to Help Develop a Stronger Cyber Workforce Help Kids Navigate Through Unique Cybersecurity Issues The Internet can provide children with many benefits, including greater access to educational tools and greater connection with peers and family. […]