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FUTURE: Top 10 Reasons America Depends On Survivalists And Preppers

Source: By: DR. DAVID EIFRIG JR. Posted on: MARCH 4, 2014 < p>There has been a lot of derogatory talk lately about “preppers” and “survivalists.” Here are 10 reasons why preppers and survivalists have always been vital to the United States and why it is essential that we have as many as possible to survive future disasters. […]


I’m inspired to share this very detailed infographic today for two reasons. The first is a book I just finished this week called “One Second After“,  a contemporary view of what our daily life would be like, should an attack by our worst foes and enemies procure, launch and light off high yield nuclear weapons […]

THREATS: Top five global health threats for 2014…and more

Source: By: EMR-ISAC Posted on: March 6, 2014 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the top five global health threats for 2014 as: 1. The emergence and spread of new microbes;  2. The globalization of travel and food supply;  3. The rise of drug-resistant pathogens;  4. The acceleration of biological science capabilities […]

PREPPING: Modern-day preppers prepare for the unexpected, even if doomsday never comes

Source: By: Irene Messina Posted on: June 27, 2013 It’s another hot evening in the Old Pueblo as you sit in your air-conditioned home, drinking a cold beverage while watching satellite television. Suddenly the TV goes off, the lights fade to black and all appliances stop running. Normally, service is repaired in a few hours, but what […]

DISASTER: FEMA Enlists Designers to Rethink Disaster Relief

Source: By: KYLE VANHEMERT Posted on: 02.06.14 A scene from Frog’s post-Sandy workshop. Image: Frog In late October of 2012, as Hurricane Sandy was bearing down on the eastern seaboard, some important members of the Federal Emergency Management Agency were toying with an idea that was a little bit unusual, at least for members of a government agency […]

NEWSLETTER: [NW-Preppers-and-Survivalists] Feb 16, 2014 – Preppers Newsletter

SHARED WITH PERMISSION Source: NW Preppers Newsletter — Old Members, please Rate this group, since many of you where with me for years at the other group. Since actually we are the same, except by name.  Thank you. Vic  NOTE:   My computer is up and working again. Hey….!!     But Yahoo is STILL Not formatting correctly. Sorry for […]