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SURVIVAL: 3 Big Mistakes People Make in Survival Situations

Source: By: Great Northern Prepper Posted on: April 21, 2014 In this article I will identify what I feel are the 3 biggest mistakes that people make in survival situations.  Before you read on realize that the term “Survival Situation” does not mean a Collapse scenario, it means a Collapse scenario, lost in the woods, a gunman […]

SKILLS: Stay Alive … 8 Easy Ways To Stop Criminals

Source: By: James L. Posted on: March 8, 2014 As a youth, I was actively involved in the Boy Scouts, which is where I learned the importance of being prepared. It’s the Boy Scout motto. That mindset transitioned with me into my career as a law enforcement officer. As a police officer, I teach people the importance […]

THREATS: Top five global health threats for 2014…and more

Source: By: EMR-ISAC Posted on: March 6, 2014 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the top five global health threats for 2014 as: 1. The emergence and spread of new microbes;  2. The globalization of travel and food supply;  3. The rise of drug-resistant pathogens;  4. The acceleration of biological science capabilities […]

SELF DEFENSE: Carrying a Firearm & Psychological Consequences

Source: By: GunsmithG Posted on: March 4, 2014 The Psychological Consequences of Armed Carry By GunsmithG Before I delve more into the nuts and bolts of armed carry for the novice handgunner, there is a subject that needs serious thought before we go any further. This is the psychological effects of a shooting, the physical response of […]

PREP: Dial Easy – Active Shooter Awareness & Preparedness…Always Vigilant

Source: By:  Capt. Monty Ashliman, Commanding Officer NAS Lemoore Posted on: February 21, 2014 What is your plan if you hear gunshots in you work space? Run? Hide? Fight? The Navy Yard shooting in Washington, D.C., last year puts active shooter preparedness on the front burner once again. According to the news media coverage, the gunman […]