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New Post Snippet for News and Posts from other Sites Source: By: BETTERHOMESTEAD Posted on: JANUARY 18, 2014  If you have a bug out bag, you’ve likely stocked it with items like a knife, flashlight, lighter, energy bars, first aid kit, compass, duct tape, water purifier, etc. But what about all of your family’s important documents: your IDs, passports, birth […]

TIPS: Stop.Think.Connect. January Update (DHS)

January 2014 Update IN THIS ISSUE Data Privacy Day: Safeguard Your Information Online  Flat Stanley Helps the Stop.Think.Connect. Campaign Federal Spotlight: DHS Blue Campaign Fights Human Trafficking Partner Spotlights New National Network and Cyber Awareness Coalition Partners Welcome Data Privacy Day: Safeguard Your Information With the rise of Internet use, many people choose to share […]

Personal Cybersecurity #3: Daily news

What you need to know for your personal cyber security life…  Third in a series of daily current and topical computer threats that may affect your online, or even offline, digital and real life.  # # # Documents and plans relating to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter have been recovered from shipping containers destined for […]

Digital Bugout Preps #1: SCAN YOUR WALLET

Backup…backup…backup… One of my yearly New Year chores is to scan and update the contents of my wallet and keep a digital copy in a secure location. Personally, I own three scanners, each for a different purpose. Depending on the rype of item to scan, these allow me to make multiple scans and save it […]

TIPS: Stop.Think.Connect. September Update (DHS)

September 2013 Update  IN THIS ISSUE Be Cyber Ready: September is National Preparedness Month DHS Component Spotlight: Federal Emergency Management Agency National Cyber Security Awareness Month Updates Partner Spotlights        BE CYBER READY: SEPTEMBER IS NATIONAL PREPAREDNESS MONTH September is National Preparedness Month and this year’s theme is “You Can Be the Hero.” This means everyone […]

TIPS: Internet Threats and Why We Should Be Concerned

What if we couldn’t get online? Not for minor interruptions in service, or as we pass through a zone without a wireless signal, but, what if the Internet … shut down? What if a terrorist act took down the infrastructure on which we hang our personal data and other documents? Internet access, especially cloud storage […]