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POLL: How Prepared are Americans? Not that Prepared

Source: By: The Ready Store Posted on: March 7, 2012 A recent survey reported on American’s beliefs about preparation and disaster preparedness. The major finding of the survey, conducted by Kelton Research, showed that 85% of Americans do not feel prepared for a catastrophe. They were asked questions about why they feel they need to prepare, what […]

PREPPING: Modern-day preppers prepare for the unexpected, even if doomsday never comes

Source: By: Irene Messina Posted on: June 27, 2013 It’s another hot evening in the Old Pueblo as you sit in your air-conditioned home, drinking a cold beverage while watching satellite television. Suddenly the TV goes off, the lights fade to black and all appliances stop running. Normally, service is repaired in a few hours, but what […]

Selco: Do Not Go Out … “You Do Not Prepare to Be a Hero…You Prepare to Survive”

Source: By: Selco Posted on: FEBRUARY 22, 2014 Editor’s Note: The following article has been shared with our community by Selco of SHTF School. His personal experiences during the Balkan war have been documented in One Year in Hell and are an invaluable knowledge base for any serious preparedness minded individual. When riots break out in your city or […]

YELLOWSTONE: Doomsday preppers have been working themselves into a frenzy

Source: By: GRAYSON SCHAFFER Posted on: FEBRUARY 26, 2014 They’re Gonna Blow! Doomsday preppers have been working themselves into a frenzy way (way!) ahead of the Yellowstone supervolcano’s next eruption [emc2alert type=”error” style=”normal” position=”top” visible=”visible” closebtn=”1″ width=”400″ title=”INFO” ]This story is pretty much RIGHT ON THE MARK about real events regarding Yellowstone. The doomers think it’s going […]

ERUPTIONS: Erupting Volcano Creates Tornadolike Vortices

Source: By: Jenna Abate Posted on:February 28, 2014 Villagers and a journalist prepare to flee as Mount Sinabug releases pyroclastic flows during an eruption in Namantaran, North Sumatra, Indonesia, Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014. (AP Photo) After more than 400 years of no volcanic activity, the Indonesian volcano Mount Sinabug has recently awakened with a vengeance. […]