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PLANNING: Top 20 SHTF Barter Items…and Why.

Source: By: Admin – Posted on: February 25, 2014 If people ever lose “faith” in the dollar other items will instantly take their place.  Trade almost always continues after a disaster because it is human nature.  People have to live and value is instantly instilled in items that either prolong one’s life or in […]

CASTING: Doomsday Preppers NOW CASTING for Season 4

Doomsday Preppers NOW CASTING for Season 4 WARNING FROM RICH:  Only pursue this project if you are comfortable with being made a potential laughing stock. Practice Operational Security. Don’t share what you can’t protect or defend. It’s your life. I’ve personally been approached twice, but turned them down. Why? I’ve got two friends who HAVE […]

PLANS: Disaster expert warns against generic safety plans (Plan for YOUR threats)

Disaster expert warns against generic safety plans NOTE FROM RICH: I share this article, because I want YOU to think…think about YOUR safety plan…YOUR worries…YOUR threats. The story below is a national level program for national level preparedness. You need to make sure your plans are specifically for YOUR KNOWN needs and threats. In other […]


New Post Snippet for News and Posts from other Sites Source: By: BETTERHOMESTEAD Posted on: JANUARY 18, 2014  If you have a bug out bag, you’ve likely stocked it with items like a knife, flashlight, lighter, energy bars, first aid kit, compass, duct tape, water purifier, etc. But what about all of your family’s important documents: your IDs, passports, birth […]

TIPS: Long-Term Survival …These Are the 5 Tools You MUST Have in Your Bug-Out Kit

Source: By: Daisy Luther Posted on: February 11, 2014 What’s the difference between an arm-chair survivalist and the real deal? The difference between someone who could get by for a few weeks and someone who could thrive indefinitely? One word – action. I was lucky enough to meet someone who is the real deal recently.  Mark is […]

TIPS: Having Gear Does Not Guarantee Preparedness

Source: By: Bernie Carr, Posted on: February 8, 2014 One of the first things people do when they get interested in prepping is going out and buying gear.  It is great to have a list and just check off items you already just purchased.  Whew!  Got the stuff, now I’m prepared.  Well… sort of.  There is […]