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SKILLS: Stay Alive … 8 Easy Ways To Stop Criminals

Source: By: James L. Posted on: March 8, 2014 As a youth, I was actively involved in the Boy Scouts, which is where I learned the importance of being prepared. It’s the Boy Scout motto. That mindset transitioned with me into my career as a law enforcement officer. As a police officer, I teach people the importance […]

SELF DEFENSE: Carrying a Firearm & Psychological Consequences

Source: By: GunsmithG Posted on: March 4, 2014 The Psychological Consequences of Armed Carry By GunsmithG Before I delve more into the nuts and bolts of armed carry for the novice handgunner, there is a subject that needs serious thought before we go any further. This is the psychological effects of a shooting, the physical response of […]

Infographic: Americas Lost Liberties

Another great infographic from my friend Charlotte. Sadly, I have to agree with most of what you’re about to read. Americas Lost Liberties Infographic This infographic explains the liberties that America has lost in recent years. American citizens continues to sit quietly while we loose our liberties. In recent years, we have lost so many […]

OPINION: There will be blood.

Take a look at this news story of last week… I shared my thoughts on this story on my FB page this afternoon and said… I say let people live where they WANT to.  When you force things like this, you wind up with Katrina and Rita refugees moved by the tens of thousands […]

A Legal Immigrant Speaks Out On Gun Control

I want you to WATCH this. I want you to LISTEN to what this man SAYS. I want you to SHARE it with ALL your friends. In this day…in this age…with this current administration…these words should become YOUR words. WRITE THEM DOWN. When the day comes, that our own government is knocking down OUR doors, […]