Boston Terrorist Attack 4/15/13 – Patriot’s Day

Boston Attacks at the annual Marathon on April 15, 2013

Madness reigns in the immediate moments after the first bomb goes off, and the second explosion is captured in the distance.

The nation saw another event of terrorism in our heartland yesterday. 3 people were killed, and more than 176 injured, including 17 critically. Hundreds of cameras were at the site of the event, recording at the finish line of the 117th running of the annual Boston Marathon, and two explosions were captured at the moment of detonation, going off only dozens of feet from each other. There were several traumatic amputations from flying debris, glass and shards of materials, and several reports of steel balls (such as ball bearings and BBs), as well as roofing nails being sent from the bomb’s explosion into the crowds.

So…what does this all mean?  The web, all social sites, and thousands of on the spot citizen reporters gave first hand accounts on their blogs, twitter feeds, and everywhere else. No filtering. All mass media outlets went to full time coverage immediately, staying on point for hours, replaying the explosions and reactions over and over and over.  In the last several decades, from reading about these kinds of events in the evening paper, or seeing it on the evening news, days or weeks later, to practically seeing terrorism in real time, with no filtering out the carnage in many cases…truly a matter of  old time journalism “if it bleeds, it leads”. That’s not the bigger issue, however.

Conspiracy theorists went into overdrive. False flag event claims, the fact that federal and local  responders had already planned to have a training session in town with controlled explosions on this day, and other factoids were being tweeted in real time. Others seeing pictures of the injured and maimed claimed the injured were actors…that the gory photos were photoshopped…that is wasn’t real. American’s did this…possibly government agents…potentially brainwashed sycophants…surely right or left wing extremists…perhaps even a lone wolf terrorist. MSNBC and CNN talking heads made it clear in the first hours of this event that “this if the kind of work of Tea Party supporters or right wing extremists”…again…those morons talking out of their collective asses about something they truly know nothing about.  Wolf Blitzer and Chris Matthews…spewing very biased hate, when they had NO facts as to the actual bomber or bombers, nor their motivations.

Dear God…what has this world come to?  People dying or being maimed right in front of us…and idiots claim it’s a setup, or point fingers at innocent groups of patriotic Americans. Why?


This man, Jeff Bauman, lost both legs below the knees…the man in the cowboy hat was at the race supporting Wounded Warriors, and was one of the first people to this man’s side. He made tourniquets from strips of material from a discarded sweater.

In the image  above, Jeff Bauman Jr. is being aided by 2 emergency workers, while hero bystander Carlos Arredondo is seen pinching Bauman’s femoral artery closed, helping stop the bleeding. Arredondo was reportedly attending the Marathon in honor of his sons – one who died serving in Iraq and the other who took his own life after battling depression over the loss of his brother.  A friend of Bauman’s took to Reddit later in the evening, posting updates on his injured pal, and noted that Arredondo’s heroism should not be forgotten, writing, “Carlos Arrendondo should never have to buy a drink in this town again”.

Here are the facts you need to be thinking about right now

  • Two bombs went off, and a third supposedly detonated at the nearby JFK Library building. As of 11pm last night, a total of seven bombs were were being reported, with 4 either not detonating, or being disabled by skilled bomb techs. Not much more info on these aspects at this writing. Today’s noon news on local radio stations stated two bombs went off, and NO OTHER bombs were found. (so, which is it? 2 bombs? 3 bombs?  7 bombs?…no clear answer right now).
  • Real people are dead, or hurt badly. An 8 year old boy was among those killed. Blood covered much of the immediate area, with several people missing legs, of most parts of them.  Pictures released show one of the bombers intentionally placing one of the bombs less than 10 feet from that child, and walking away.
  • There was a medical tent with triage setup to deal with any regular marathon health issues. Trained doctors, nurses, and 1st responders right there at the finish line. They jumped into action.
  • Like every other disaster or event of this new century, innocent bystanders jumped in to help the wounded and dying, within seconds…these heroes are the epitome of the Real American…willing to help complete strangers in times of need.. 
  • Hundreds of onlookers awaiting the finish line runners were in shock, or had no idea of what to do or where to go…and were for a period of time nothing more than zombies blocking help from arriving.
  • 1st responders in the immediate area of injured took their shirts and belts of to staunch the massive bleeds of the worst injured, helping the injured until trained personal arrived.
  • Graphic pictures found on the RedFlag website showed the gruesome injuries suffered by those most seriously hurt, including missing legs below the knees, missing legs at the hips of one woman, a leg blown out in the street, laying next to a deceased person whose head and upper  torso seemed to be completely shredded. Horrible, sickening images of the outcome of a terrorist bomb. 
  • Mention in the news, and online media that there were first one, then two suspects in custody, both Saudi nationalists, both with student visas, and one severely burned.
  • Turned out to be just one Nationalist, who was supposed to be deported, yet whom received a personal visit from 1st lady Michelle Obama. And, this student from Saudi Arabia has DIRECT connections to Al Queda members. (Note: the number of Saudi students in the US at this time is 66,000…a number that has increased 10 fold since 9/11).
  • Most recent news now state this person(s) is NOT a person of interest. Since then, the two brothers actually responsible have been found, one killed, and one taken alive…both Islamists here in the US legally, as asylum seekers from Chechnya. 
  • News today claimed that one of the bombs was made from a pressure cooker, placed in trash can. Experts say the bomb was poorly packed, meaning it was not  compacted sufficiently to wreak worse havoc and death. One Texas congressman is on record as stated that one of the status reports he attended stated ball bearings were part of the bomb mechanism. This makes the bomb match much closer to normal MO of historical IED, Al Queda, and suicide bombers home-made bombs).

Here are the things you need to consider in the immediate and foreseeable future.

  • Avoid situations that put yourself, or your loved ones, in potential huge crowds or events where thousand of people will be gathering.
  • This includes athletic events (where tens of thousands of people appear in arenas or stadiums)… in an attack, all would create terrible zones of death when exit or escape tunnels became blocked and clogged in the rush to get out.
  • Any American sports event is now a target for any and all domestic and organized terror threats (and have been for quite some time). Shopping malls, parades, car and gun shows (not the vendors…but those simply targeting huge crowds), schools (as we’ve seen all too often), colleges (and again today another university was locked down when a gunman was reported on campus), and any other event where thousands could appear in an organized, scheduled event.
  • The current gun control brouhaha has now taken a back seat in the media, but that does not mean that the control advocates will stop their  work…instead, they’ll try to push faster and farther while American’s focus is on the diversion of a domestic terror event.
  • Most larger cities are now in enhanced security status, including NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, etc. Think of the 30 or even 50 most populated cities in the US. Those will be the most viable possible next targets, if this attack was part of a concerted group effort.

Here’s the bottom line of current domestic terror threats.

  • This is just the LATEST terror event on our soil. 
  • There WILL be more.  And, they’ll will be happening more and more frequently. While the DHS watches us, those that have committed the most violent murderous atrocities on our soil will get a free pass because the Feds don’t want to be accused of “profiling”.
  • Have a plan to know the closest exits, should you find yourself in huge group of people. 
  • Have a backpack or go bag (of the most appropriate size, on your person, if you MUST attend events).
  • Park in a place that is well lit, secured, but that enables the soonest potential exit from the immediate area should an attack occur.

Having a plan, knowing what to do, and being prepared for literally anything, is the order of the day.

  • If you have medical or 1st responder training, keep it fresh, and keep a satchel of trauma care items in your go bag, including trauma pads, extra tourniquets, plenty of rolled gauze, and of course many extra pairs of blue nitrile or other gloves to avoid blood borne pathogens in an event.
  • Carry at least one, and possibly two cell phones. No way to know if cell signals will be working or not, so have options. The events yesterday mentioned cell service being cut off to keep any cell phone detonators from setting any more bombs off remotely. Later news reports today claimed that cell service in the immediate area was NOT shut down.
  • Make sure your family and friends know EXACTLY where you are, if attending an event, and a plan to contact them (list of numbers, etc) should you be a victim or responder in an event.
  • If you’re not able to help in an event, get the hell out of the way, and go home. The worst thing at attacks or terror events is gawkers blocking 1st responders from getting to the actual victims. 
  • Carry a small digital camera or video camera with plenty of available  SD RAM to record the event. Normally in most events, the actor or terrorist usually hangs around to see his handiwork. Your video or pictures could provide details or proof of movement that could be used to match or identify the culprit. Yes, cell phones with cameras will work. 
  • Carry full identification on your person at all times, in an unobtrusive yet protected way (such as in a couple of layers ziplock lunch bags), just in case you inadvertently become a victim. This will bring closure to your loved ones much faster than not being identifiable for weeks or months (such as post 9/11).
  • Or, make the choice to completely avoid large events. In this day and age, it may be the one decision that saves your life some day.

Finally, do some research for yourself. There is a multitude of books and articles on the topics of terrorism, the reasons that drive them, the standard (and not so standard) ways of implementation of destructive events, the psychological profiles of the actors, the historical backgrounds on ALL groups associated with terrorist activities, and historical records of events that have occurred, going back hundreds of years.

Google is your friend. Amazon has a plethora of books available. Most colleges and universities have classes, including entire curriculums and degrees in homeland security at all levels.  I’ve taken several classes on terrorism, including religious aspects in the last several years, including the University of Wyoming.

If you’re so inclined to truly make a difference, take those classes at every opportunity. Work with local law enforcement and public safety departments as a volunteer. Become a member of your local city or county CERT program. Become part of the solution and response. Be the difference. Help your fellow man. 

This is war, my friends. Right here on our national soil…yet again. To not act, is to act. Don’t stand by while others fight or help in  your stead. Become involved in making your town and community a safer place.

Remember this….the Department of Homeland Security’s “See something…say something” outreach program that began 2 years ago has been brought to the forefront in all media since yesterday. Any and everyone that was taking pictures in the vicinity of the attack have been asked to forward their video to the appropriate agencies. On the one hand, this is the right thing to do, yet on the other, it opens up opportunities for Big Brother to dig their claws in and do evil things to innocent bystanders.

It’s your call. Do what feels right…do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason.

UPDATE: April 17th, 2013  1:38pm MST

DEVELOPING: The FBI and Boston Police said no arrests have been made in the Boston Marathon bombing, despite widespread earlier reports that a suspect was in custody in Monday’s deadly attack.

Earlier, and several other media outlets, including the Associated Press, reported that a suspect had been arrested in the deadly attack that killed 3 and injured 176. 

Investigators are believed to be focusing on pictures of the crowd gathered near the finish line of the race, and there were reports that they were interested in specific images, possibly of a person or persons with heavy backpacks. Investigators believe the bombs may have been concealed in such a bag, and news and surveillance video, as well as photos taken by onlookers, could have captured the killer or killers.

Earlier, Fox News learned that the circuit board suspected of being used to detonate at least one of the bombs has been recovered, and that FBI investigators continue to scan and analyze the cellphone tower records to identify positive hits for signs of calls that may have triggered both explosions remotely. Investigators believe one, or possibly two, pressure cookers were packed with explosives and shrapnel and hidden in backpacks to be left amid the crowd.

Read more:


Updated: April 22, 2013 — 1:31 pm

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