Book Review: YOU CAN SURVIVE the Very Worst Manmade and Natural Disasters: A Handbook for Self-Reliance by Duncan Long

Book Review of The Month – January 2013

A book by Duncan Long

I’ve been aware of Duncan Long’s writings for many, many years. I found a couple of his books way back in the 90′s, at used book stores I used to frequent. These found tomes, on survival and related topics, were some of the first I came across when I started to build my own personal hard copy survival and preparedness library. In the succeeding years, my library spread to hundreds and hundreds of books, with dozens on those basic and most feared worries, such as Hoag’s ‘No Such Thing as Doomsday’  or Dr. Clayton’s ‘Life After Doomsday‘ books.

With this new book (or ebook…I read it on my Kindle), Long has set a very high standard for information on every aspect of staying safe and alive, and much needed collections of pure survival data…for those who actually study, and worry, about the Big Threats in the realm of the possible (you know, nuclear terrorism, real pandemics, traumatic injuries, etc., etc.).

This book is packed with succinct, concise, and applicable solutions . Things as simple as being able to make drinking water, and how to maintain, gather, and prepare, are so apparent and become so vivid, that it will have you thinking about things in a very diligent and responsible manner. The topics cover the entire spectrum of survival, preparedness, wilderness living, terrorist threats, NBC preparedness, every natural disaster, first aid, food storage, sheltering, dealing with crime, medical needs, and so many more areas you truly need to consider in your life. And yes, there is even a full chapter on nuclear blast survival. Guns and self defense, fallout, riots, legal issues, insurance and the like are also on the platter of cogent and solid background research.

Unlike nearly every other survival resource book on the market, this one has only one picture (the cover), no charts, no forms, not much of anything, except the Full Monty of text based information. You’ll have to actually read this book. Preferably, before you need to apply the information within. And here’s the thing. Currently, the book is only available for the Kindle. However, Amazon makes available readers for just about any electronic device out there. I can read this book, and keep it handy, on my Kindle, my laptop, my desktop, and even my 8 gigabyte 2nd generation iPod Touch. Why? This book is a fantastic reference for all the things I’d want to know before a desperate situation arises, or, when something bad has just happened. Having it on my iPod, means it’ll fit in my pocket, and be accessible in mere seconds. According to Duncan, a real book version should be available in the first half of 2013.

Overall, a good and solid resource. Long’s style of writing is easy to digest, and his personal experiences on several of the topics help provide clarity and ambiance to what most people might consider at times the equivalent of pulp fiction. You should be concerned about our current society, fiscal issues, political foibles, and everyday recession problems. At the same time, you need to be aware of factual, usable, and applicable survival skills and content on a vast array of normal, everyday threats. This book is that resource. I highly recommend you take a few moments and grab yourself your very own copy. At less than $3 on Amazon, it just might be the best money you’ve ever spent.

My rating on this title?  5 stars….a home run!

Reviewed by Rich Fleetwood

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