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09/12/18 – Update 1

Long time no see!  A lot happened in the last two years, with a knee replacements, a semi-retirement, a new job driving cross country for months at a time, and then a car accident on the new job on 4/17/18 that has had me home since 4/28/18 with back and neck injuries. Darn the luck.

On the other hand, SurvivalRing as a website had kind of crumbled apart, back-end wise, and wasn’t accessible for lord knows how long. My recent posts can give you more details, but what’s important now is the site is up, the site is loading much, much faster, and new content is being posted.

Some updates include the FEED alerts being tuned up and cleaned a bit, a new theme that makes access to everything much easier, and a continued focus on accessibility, meaning, the site loads quickly on computers, tablets, AND smart phones now. A few menu kinks to figure out, but we’ll get there.

New guest posts are coming online, with two in the past few weeks. Check out the “10 Things” post from last week to see what’s coming your way as well.

Finally, the CONTACT ME page is has been fixed, and you can contact me from anywhere with that link.


06/11/16 – Update 1

Wow. My day job has kept me so busy lately, plus a few health issues (bad knee needs replacement so bad right now).

Not had much spare time until now, so doing a lot of background updates and coding changes. RSS feeds definitely need attention, so have upgraded feed displays, and currently updating feed addresses. Will be creating a Feed Tree, so that all weather feeds are together, all news feeds, etc. Will make more sense to you when you’re looking for specific BREAKING news.

I’m also creating an updated theme for the entire site, hopefully less crowded, a bit more streamlined, and a more low key, prepper style of presentation. Political things are out of hand, and my focus is going to be more on lifestyle, self education, factual documents (as in the thousands of government created preparedness publications from the last 75 years of US defensive stuff). And, Yes, still have hundreds of original civil defense documents to put online that have NEVER been available digitally. You’ll get first access here at SurvivalRing.


Podcasts — FINALLY!  Yes, I’ve got two college degrees in broadcasting AND web development, and I’ve been doing online web radio and podcasts with my good friend James T. Stevens (author of Making the Best of Basics) for several years now. I am doing shows live, and weekly, at Freedomizer Radio, and will be posting shows every week (3 full hours for each show). James and I discuss current events, answer questions from the prepper community, and focus on how we should all respond to the things that are happening in the world around us. I think you’ll like what we have been doing, and I hope you’ll become a part of the show.


Finally, I’ve got big changes to my life happening this year, beside knee replacement surgery. Planning a move to Tennessee with my dear wife, for the next chapter of my life. Yep, leaving a job with the state of Wyoming. Why?  To spend full time writing, creating audio and video projects, and publishing a lot more unique and useful content. It’s time I made a living with what I’ve been doing on the side for nearly 20 years. Hope you’ll hang around for that. More later. Thanks for dropping in.



11/06/12 – Update 1

Finally. Site is getting back to normal. Still have many small and minor issues (all easily fixable on a page by page post by post basis), and I’ll fix these as I come across this in the full site review.


For the most part, the main site is back up to nearly full operations. What remains is mostly cosmetic and a few areas of recoding some programs to fix display issues.


Thanks to all who have helped and supported us in this time of distress. Your concern and care for what I do have been very much appreciated, more than you’ll ever know.



10/30/12 – Update 1

For those interested…an update.

I have most of the download files back online, with over 40 gigs of PDF files, CD image files, and many other collections and sections. I still have a few more file sets to upload, but they will come.


Currently doing some database work, and hope to be able to bring back the main SurvivalRing data set online before the end of the week.


I purchased an SSL certificate last week, and it is fully installed and working. This means that anyone who wants to can visit the site via and their visit will be fully encrypted and secured. Still shopping for a few security related software tools to further enhance safety and security of the website.


Once the SR data set comes back online, I’ll continue working on setting up mirrors of the website, both offline in my own home network, and on any other locations possible by technology and any host companies that would like to offer space for that mirror. Thanks to a few suggestions here, I’ll be making use of Amazon’s S3 online storage for many site functions as soon as I have time to get it all set up.


Finally, a HUGE thank you to the 28 folks who have sent donations. I’m a third of the way through in burning the 336 disks that will be sent out to all of you in the coming 2 weeks. To anyone who hasn’t donated yet, but would like to take advantage of the massive set of 12 disks of nearly all my download materials, for only $20…I’ll keep this offer open for you for the next few weeks. You’ll never get a bigger package of useful survival information in one place for this price ever again.


Back to work now, still have a lot of files to keep uploading for the next several weeks. Some very cool ideas coming together for new sections of the website when everything is back online…



10/26/12 – Update 1

We are now secured with our own SSL (Secure Socket Layers) certificate effective 10/13/12). This means that if you access our website using SSL ( adding https:// to any URL on our website, your data is encrypted in transfer back and forth on our site. If you register and login, all access will be via https format. This brings our security up another notch in helping protect both the website, and our users, from any hack or tracking attempts.


Thanks again to all who have supported us. Everyone who donated will be getting our CD/DVD packages shipped out next week. I’ll be emailing each of you to let you know I received your donation, and with info for you to register for our upcoming website secured areas. More on this next week.



10/22/12 – Update 1

Some very sad news to report. After spending the weekend going through all the databases, it looks like we actually lost some of them. Hardest hit seems to be the database for the SurvivalRing forums, known as the SurvivalRing Community Center (SRCC). More calls to the tech support lines at the host, a last ditch effort to see if the databases might have been backed up anywhere else, and alas…they were NOT. Somewhere on my drives resided a single backup file of the SRCC db from a couple of years ago, but I’ll have to spend days looking for it.


For the time being, I’ve reinstalled the forum software, and we’ll be starting from scratch. The downloads section has some better news. In the SurvivalRing backup mentioned below, the downloads seem to be whole, but we have to recreate the download sections to make the downloads accessible. We’ll see how that goes once the forums are back to at least working again, which should be a couple of days from now.


So, far, I’ve had 24 donations to the site rebuild. All of you who have helped, will be receiving your package starting next week. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You have shown great support to what I have done, and what I have lost. It is appreciated so very much.


More updates later.


10/21/12 – Update 1’s-global-cyber-war-room-is-secretly-hosted-by-Hizballah-in-Beirut


Read between the lines…

10/20/12 – Update 1

Thank you..

Now…for the good news…


In my spending the last 4 days of going through my 7+ terabytes of drive space on my desktop computer, I’ve found 3 different backup sets of the site. The first 2 were February 2010 or prior, and somewhat partial backups (20 to 35 gig in total file size)


The third backup, seems absolutely complete as of August 2010. Total file size of the backup…almost 68 gigabytes. This means a TOTAL mirror of the site. The other missing files making up the previously known total of 70 plus gigabytes ARE on my computer…just in different directorys of the collection before it was uploaded and made available on the site in the format that existed before this hack.


I feel good enough about this backup that I am pleased to say that SurvivalRing wil be back to nearly present (pre-hack) state within a couple of weeks. Only delay will be actual UPLOADING of all the files.


Still working on database restoration…but even though it will take time for me to iron out, it will be ok.


This backup also includes a full backup of the SR forums (using Invision Power Board) and 1200 plus extremely unique books in the custom forums download section that we added a few years ago. Books that are NOT available anywhere else on SurvivalRing.


So…relaxation has been realized that all is not lost. Still have a 500 gig pocket drive to check for the later file collections, so have that to look forward to.


Currently uploading the full forums file set, which should take the rest of the day, at almost 9 gigabytes, at current combined upload speed of 150kbps.


Again, THANK YOU to all who have shown support to me the past few days, and for donations. They are being well applied to keeping SR functional and secure in the future.


Site has been moved to a different server on my host, and I’ve will be ordering an SSL certificate from Godaddy with site scanning for problems on a regular basis.


For those here who either provide hosting for a living, or know someone who does, could you please get with me on potential backup possibilities of the entire site (which when fully backed up, will be idle untill needed). Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks.



10/19/12 – Late update 2

Chat room is back! You have to be REGISTERED to see the chat room.



10/19/12 – Late update 1






Update 1 – Files coming back online…

Uploads of the 1st 27 gig of backup files started last night. Got about 6 gigs uploaded overnight. Since we have phone service via Vonage (internet based phone service), I have to run uploads overnight or our phone calls start clipping and cutting out real bad.


Basically, we’re making headway. Nearly one tenth of files have been put back online.


I’ll keep you posted..


Here’s a few links…

Stay tuned for more later…disregard missing images and bad site links on the last one…the PDF files in the listing are the IMPORTANT part of that section.


Update 2 – My Appreciation…thank you…

Thanks again…those donations so far are absolutely and unequivocally most appreciated…I am humbled by all your great and warm comments about my work. THIS is why I’ve been doing this for so long.


Far too many people never say anything about someone’s efforts at providing educational and historical information that anyone can use and apply to have a better life. Those that have helped me, sent emails, and/or donations give me hope…and strength to come back and wave my work back in the face of those fascist  assholes that did this.


They didn’t just do this evil to me…they did it to EVERYONE who has ever used my files, visited my sites, or found answers from the places I provided.


Just another reason to never back down, and never surrender.


Assholes may vex me….but I’m REAL good at vexing them right back.


The secret to life is getting right back up after you get knocked down. They’ll never win if you can just keep getting back on your feet.



Update 3 – This Uncle Bob’s site crap…

This incident is now fodder on UB.s site. This post is my response to threats and vile statements directed towards me personally.




Found links in my site stats pointing to some traffic coming from that site. Meaning someone here on this thread, who probably did not post, did post this confidential info on an open site, simply to cause problems and open another firestorm for me to have to deal with. If you’re the one that did it, eff off….


Venomous tripe to say the least…suggesting such things as “expect a fundraiser”, or “he did it himself”….bullshit comments.


There are a few folks who actually showed support for me there. Thank you for that.


Worst of all, comments about me profiteering with these donations.


Yes, U’s is just one, low life, infantile, waste of a site…and I’ve been aware of them for years.


Bottom line, as I state on the temporary homepage to at least communicate this disaster that has occurred to me, that ANYONE that makes a donation “of $20 or more”, receives from me a COMPLETE package of my multimedia disks for their support.


The donation covers the very basic cost of the materials, the POSTAGE, and leaves a little bit to apply to the site work..and real cost involved with running it. Those paying more than twice that suggested donation are still paying less than HALF of what I had been selling the full sets for.


In other words, you help me, and I’m returning the favor with real, tangible data, materials, and a life long set of endless resources.


Why even respond to that UB shit, here?


Because those morons that drag down people like me, to make themselves feel better about their miserable lives, are no better than the perps who killed my site, or kill innocents here or abroad. Do your worst…see if I care…


I know the truth. And, I can show you RIGHT HERE in this thread that people HAVE had their lives helped by what I’ve been doing for years.


What can you say that even comes close to that? Hmmmmmm?


Go ahead, make fun of me for not having a “full backup” of my “life’s work”.


I have a life AWAY from my computer…a good government job…several grand kids…and a wife I love.


My hands and life are full.


SR is but ONE part of my life, but it IS an important focus of energy for me….because it touches lives the world over.


Backups are good…when you can afford unbelievable amounts of bandwidth and endless, bottomless server farms to play with, when you have the sheer massive magnitude of files as I had online (until this past Monday, that is…)


I don’t have  endless resources. I get paid once a month by my government job. I still struggle to cover gasoline, grocery, and light bills. Until this past June, my oldest son and his entire family had lived with us for a YEAR, with me being the only source of regular income. Talk about a hurting wallet.


I have to do my website work myself. I don’t pay anyone else to do it..they wouldn’t know how…


I get my hands dirty by doing all that myself, with spare change, on long nights when I can’t sleep. I’m human.


Can you do any better?


End Of Line.


UPDATE 4 – THREAD on closed because of the reference to Uncle Bobs. 


Maybe someone running TB2k is also behind Uncle’s site??  Been mentioned before.  May that oblique reference to a real online group of haters and potential domestic terrorists got someone butt hurt over there.


My message to you?


You suck.


Update 1 – Who is responsible?

yes… Muslim extremists. Verified.


Don’t ever think I did this myself. It took 15 hours  to find someone taking responsibility for the hack of my site…and it was NOT based in the US.


Mine was not the only site hacked by that group on that day…but the only one DELETED during that time.  FOLLOW THE LINKS.


After all these years, making hundreds of friends around the nation, including those who are currently or past .mil, .gov, or .intel…All it takes is a couple of phone calls and the right connection to an individual who knows what to check where… and you’ve got verification of the group that did the hack, their funders/supporters, and why they deleted EVERYTHING I had. Read the site’s current front page again.


I know what group. I know their association. The backing group’s names are well known around the world. Two specific groups, both found on roll calls of international terror groups with Islamic foundations. Enemies of Israel, Liberty, and the American Way.


And yes, these two groups are responsible for the death of thousands of lives in the last 30 years. Yes, killers…murderers…evil, vile people.  That’s who I am dealing with.


Update 2 – Domestic Assholes –


“Uncle bobs, profiting, faked??”, backups, life’s work, etc. Fucking morons.


There are a million forums on the net. Some exist to help others…some exist to ridicule others.


I’m the former…UB’s is the latter. The kind of slime you find when you wipe your ass. Yep…that’s Uncle Bobs.


Idiots there at UB’s are claiming I did this to myself (a personal false flag operation???)


What utter fucking morons. Useless mouth breathers. Between all of them together, you MIGHT get one mostly dead brain cell.


The meaning of one’s Life Work


What you find yourself doing… when you finally find the ONE thing in your life that can make an astounding difference to humanity’s survival…you SEE it, you EMBRACE it, and you PERSUE the CONTINUATION of it…for the rest of your life.


That’s what it means to me. To the shit heels at Uncle Bob ?  Life’s work = a daily corndog.


Backups…cost versus time…versus affordability.


Yep, I’ve got almost everything and every file that was on the web, just not an exact snapshot mirror of it’s current file state BEFORE assholes killed the site.


Read below. I do have a life outside of SurvivalRing. But, SurvivalRing is just as much me, as I am it.


Update 3 – Site income versus site costs –


Everything on my site free for download before, OR available on CD/DVD sets.  You don’t have to BUY anything to get EVERYTHING I offer. Granted, i have to reupload all of it. Just takes time, which I have. Not quite dead yet.


What I have –


a)  Host Server – 1,000 gigs of online storage, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains


b) 2 bookshelves of original government produced civil defense, survival, recovery, and nuclear war training documents


c) two high end computer systems, audio and video equipment, two autofeed scanners, production supplies, etc


d) terabytes of online storage on my desktop


e) two college degrees in media production, awards for previous work done, academic scholarship proof.


f) a clue….that evil will always try to stop, destroy, remove, damage, or otherwise make it difficult for individuals to shine and excel in helping others stay safe.


g) a real world, full time, government job that has nothing to do with what I’ve been doing on my websites for the last 15 years.


h) a home that includes my wife, occasional grown children and grand kids, and other parts of my life.


i) rural internet service 150 miles from the nearest interstate highway. Limited daily bandwidth, no ability to serve my site from my own computer…without extreme costs.


What I don’t have

a) complete daily, weekly, or monthly backup of 70 plus gigabytes of collected documentation in digital format of the material I’ve shared for years. Costs to accomplish this? $400 to $1000 a month for high end bandwidth of high speed internet service, not to mention thousands for installation and setup/engineering costs.


b) a backup server with a complete mirror of my entire huge site…or several. If you’ve got 75 gigs of server space that you could offer to serve as a mirror site of SurvivalRing, please contact me. I’ll need 80 gigs of space, 30 MySQL databases, PHP, and hopefully control panel access. Can’t afford to have MULTIPLE hosting accounts…which is why I need your help. I can provide an income source for you through my CD/DVD affiliate program (once it get’s set up again…sigh).


c) Costly SSL certificates, monthly site scans by high end website services, hack notification, etc, etc. Obviously!


d) an engineering degree or background. I’m sure someone more clever than me in all things security when it comes to long term websites could have avoided all this. Again. COST.   If I had the funds, I would pay someone to make it so. I don’t…so I can’t.


e) daily personal threats, other then dealing with nearly 200 incarcerated felons every day.


Update 4 – Security versus anonymity –


Anonymous users have ALWAYS caused the problems that have occurred to the SurvivalRing website.


EVERY hack was a stranger hiding behind a mask. With a background in computer security, LEO/Corrections, and open source intel, I can tell you with vast experience that the anonymous dip shits are the ones that cause the most/worst problems. This site hack is no different.


You want anonymous…you go somewhere else. Right now, I could care less. I do NOT give a rat’s ass if you want to hide your prying, grubby little rat claw fingerprints while attempting to take EVERYTHING and leave NOTHING in return.  This kind of ENTITLEMENT mentality is why this nation is suffering so greatly. Takers…not enough producers of anything USEFUL.


Get lost. I don’t need you.


Entitlement???? THAT is not what my website is about.


This IS a free market economy…and my income is SERVICE derived. My scans, programming, words, writings, and other digital property of my creation have ALWAYS been shared behind my back, or right in front of my face.  Peer to peer, lable-less cds and dvds, etc, etc, etc. Hundreds of people in the last ten years have sold CDs of MY downloads on Ebay for cheap. CDs with no label, no packaging, no extra content, no imagination…just STEALING MY BANDWIDTH.


Those of you that do this?  Screw you too!


Update 5 – Free file access versus secured downloads


15 years of free access. FREE. Hundreds of terabytes over 15 years of downloads. Globally.


This time, you’re gonna have to register your REAL name, and in some cases PONY UP to help pay for bandwidth, domains, hosting costs, and other sundry items I’ve paid for myself for YEARS. You still will not find a SINGLE website on the internet that offers the vast and wide ranging library that SurvivalRing has offered for well over a decade.


Many won’t like the fact that I’ll have no more freely unsecured downloads. Cry me a river. Go find any of those hundreds of sites that have stolen MY downloads and claimed them as their own. You’ll get what you pay for…NO SUPPORT.


This gives my rebuilt site SECURITY, keeps the trash out, and lets the people who really just come here to learn, to not have their informal self controlled education INTERRUPTED.


Update 6 –  Backups?

You got money then YOU can afford downloading 70 gigabytes a night to your personal computer from YOUR isp.


Rebuild of the system will included two OFF SITE mirrors of the entire, complete, total website, with all files, images, downloads and databases.


There WON’T be a next hack of this magnitude. Guaranteed.


Update 7 – Can you do any better?


Could YOU have put the entire site together, published a dozen multimedia disks, posted helpful content to hundreds of sites, and created educational opportunities for generations of people?


Update 8 – Profiteering? Bullshit.


I’ve spent thousands on computers, original manuals, books, hosting, domains, scanners, software, and more…JUST for SurvivalRing.


What have YOU ever invested to help your fellow man, besides your venom?


Update 9 – When problems arise, you find out who your friends are, and who your enemies


Many good folks at TB2k have taken advantage of the “Everything I’ve got for $20 donation” deal. Thank you most sincerely.


UB’s site is spewing vicious trash talk about this incident. TB2k’s admins have closed/locked the thread that WAS sharing information about this hack.




Now we have real proof of who we THOUGHT our friends were, and who is FOR THE ENEMY.


Updated: September 13, 2018 — 1:59 pm

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