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Hi folks,

It’s been a while since my last post, although I’ve been in the backroom of SurvivalRing every day for months, keeping things tuned, tight, backed up, and secure. I’ve thought about posting a lot of things, and often I was poised and ready to add my thoughts to the blog, and at the last moment…something else came to mind of higher priority. My apologies for not getting those near postings of many intriguing, and sometimes scandalous bits and bytes of wonderfully salacious prepper world news in front of you regularly. That’s about to change… in the coming weeks. So, what have I actually been doing in the background for SurvivalRing, as well as Meat World?  Quite a lot, actually.

My job working for the state of Wyoming has been quite a bit more busy and the workload is providing me lots of opportunities to do great things as a specialist working in LEO/Corrections.

My health has taken a hit as my right knee continues to degrade and provide me with constant pain…which can only be remedied with surgery and a new titanium knee joint.

My home life has been great as we pass the halfway mark for this summer of 2015. I had some vehicle issues, killing my daily driver when a few of the 16 valves took an early retirement and left me stranded 120 miles from home.  Took two weeks, but found a very good daily driver, sitting hip deep in weeds out on the Wyoming prairie, planted there three years ago.

chevy van 1986Two days of work, 2 gallons of gas, an expedient flat repair, a new battery, and $100 provided me with what turns out to be a well running 1986 GMC Vandura full sized van, complete with full custom conversion interior and exterior, a strong grill guard/push bar, and even a fulling working wheelchair ramp, that serves many purposes other than helping my dear Annie get into the van. The engine is surprisingly strong, and with the transmission and cooling system properly flushed, and a set of new tires, it’s been great. Of course, I’m using four times as much gasoline a month, compared to my 1988 Toyota Celica, which only used one tank of gas a month commuting to work.

To top to things off, a customer who purchased a copy of my SurvivalCD.com package posted a great review about 2 weeks ago, and his friends and followers on his website purchased another 30 sets. Boy, was I busy putting together that many sets of 14 disks, with disk labels, printed documentation, bonus items, and then getting them all shipped en mass. Had to order more blank disks, labels, ink, and even a new printer last weekend, as my 6-year-old high-end Brother printer died a colorful death. That has never happened to me…wow.

So grateful for the support of the site owner of GunsAmerica.org,  with his fair and balanced review of SurvivalCD.com, and the great suggestions he offered after his run through and investigation on my package, as well as a few others similar products. Click the link and read for yourself what SurvivalCD is all about, from a satisfied customer.

So…what about SurvivalRing and my other sites that are part of the SurvialRing network?  Change is coming, as in new content, stories, product reviews, podcasts, videos, and even books are added to the realm of preparedness that I so passionately seek to share every day. Most of my sharing and writings go on my main Facebook page which you might like to see.

Here on SurvivalRing, you might see a couple, or a dozen posts a day, as I begin refocus my energies on creativity, old knowledge, new tricks, and even opinion pieces on topics of the day. Most posts will be short and sweet… to the point. Others, well…rants, reviews, new prepper offerings, and even podcasts on a WEEKLY basis. After all, I am living and breathing preparedness and frugal survival skills and tasks every day, including all day every day at work.

If you don’t know already, I’ve been broadcasting online radio shows with James T. Stevens, author and radio genius of Preparedness Radio” and the mind and heart of “Making The Best of Basics“, and a host on FreedomizerRadio, where I co-host a three-hour show on prepping, threats, politics, and much more. The name of his show is the “Doctor Prepper Critical Preparedness Radio” show, which starts at 4pm MST, 3pm CST, and 2pm EST…EVERY Friday. Simply visit FreedomizerRadio.com, and hit the LISTEN NOW button. A chatroom is also available.

I’ve done the show with James dozens times in the last couple of years, and enjoy the heck out of it. Always looking for folks to call in, as well as those who would like to be interviewed on their books, products, training, or whatever you can think of.  Log in and listen, or go to Blog Talk Radio and find archives of the Doctor Prepper show.

Well, these are the latest happenings from my end of the world. Look for new posts in the coming days, with helpful hints, Prepper news, great interviews and hopefully, your voice coming on the air to Freedomizer Radio, again every Friday at 4MST. Archives of past shows will be posted on SurvivalRing as well.

Oh yes…dozens of new scans of classic government created civil defense, preparedness and real survival documents are coming this year. I think you’ll find them quite intrigueing…



Updated: July 20, 2015 — 2:45 pm

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