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By Richard A. Fleetwood – Updated April 2016

Who is Rich Fleetwood? My bio…

Rich Fleetwood founded the SurvivalRing webring in 1997, and maintains the SurvivalRing, SurvivalCD, and The Blast Shelter websites (as well as two dozen other associated websites).  He is the owner of SurvivalRing Media, a multimedia company that produces CDs, DVDs, and audio and video projects, and is the continuation of his Civil Defense digital archiving project.   He is married with three grown children and five grandchildren, and lives in west central Wyoming.


Rich’s background includes 10 years of federal employment, 5 years in the defense electronics industry working production control in FLIR, LASER, and TOW missile control systems, and over 33 years in the computer field, with CompTIA A+ certification, and two applied science degrees, in Multimedia Production and Broadcasting, and Web Development / Computer Networking. Rich’s currently an information specialist with the State of Wyoming, employed by the Wyoming Department of Corrections,  and works at the Wyoming Honor Farm in Riverton, a minimum security facility, since December 2008.



Rich holds FEMA certificates in Radiological Emergency Management and Emergency Program Management, and volunteers with the Fremont County CERT program. Until May 2008, Rich was Student Operations Manager at KCWC-FM radio in Riverton, Wyoming for 3 years, and has earned applied science degrees in Web Development, Broadcasting, and General Education at Central Wyoming College in Riverton, Wyoming. As of spring 2016, he is still pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree in Social Science.



Rich has also earned educational accolades in recent years, earning national academic recognition as a recipient of the 2006 New Century Scholar for the State of Wyoming , 2006 All-USA Academic Team 2nd Team, Collegiate All American Scholar, USAA National Collegiate Student Government award, National Deans List, and the Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society. In 2003, Rich was Presented with a National Leadership Award by the United States Congress.  He was also appointed to the Business Advisory Council of the NRCC.



Previous work has included live and remote (satelllite) TV production with Wyoming Public Television, Master Control Operations, On Air talent with KTRZ FM and KCWC FM, various management positions, manufacturing, and coast to coast truck driving.  Recent projects (besides the digital archiving project) include producing a series of Telly Award winning public service announcements videos for the Riverton High School and Riverton Police Department.


He has been working with James Talmage Stevens, author of Making the Best of Basics, since 2009, creating downloadable and DVD based presentations of the book, and has been doing weekly web radio shows with James for the last several years, at, on the CPR Critical Preparedness Radio show every Friday from 4 to 7 pm Mountain Time.



Rich also enjoys writing for multiple blogs, tutoring college students, consulting with folks around the world on sheltering and prepping needs via email, repairing his own vehicles, and managing his wireless home network of servers and home automation. He also likes to hunt, fish, hike and camp in the wilds of Wyoming and the heart of the Rocky Mountains.  Rich’s loves include his wife and three children, 5 grandkids, motorcycle riding, photography, videography, and writing.



Richard founded the SurvivalRing ThinkTank in 2004, a group of preparedness, law enforcement, active and retired military, public safety, federal, and other personnel, as well as authors, media, and leading national experts on areas of preparedness and civilian safety and training. The ThinkTank looked at current events, discusses issues of concern, and focus on how to prepare civilians for future national and regional natural and manmade disasters.  In 2008, this group downsized to just a handful of key participants, in order to focus on production of informational packages geared towards family and community preparedness.



Rich’s core focus in all that he does with his projects and lifestyle, is that any person, of any background, can take ownership of their life and destiny by simply being aware of the everyday problems, no matter how big or small, and educating themselves in the most prudent aspects of the best way to deal with them. Accidents, disasters, and problems exist in every life, and no one is immune to the effects they cause. Simple planning, basic preparedness, and lifelong skill building provide the tools that anyone can use to have a safer and more productive life. It’s all about living a lifestyle of simplicity, honor, integrity, and community.



Two words are the key…take action. History does repeat itself, in that whatever has happened before, will happen again…such as earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, and any of a thousand problems. Look at March 2011. On March 11th, 2011, a tremendous earthquake shook northern Japan, following by a horrific and deadly tsunami, killing tens of thousands in one of the most prepared nations on the face of the planet. Weeks later, the 2011 Super Tornado Outbreak raked the southeast USA with hundreds of tornadoes.  Hundreds of tornadoes, killed hundreds of people and destroy tens of thousands of homes and business. It was the worst tornado outbreak since April 3-4 1974.



Knowing your localized threats gives you power to plan for them specifically. The motto of SurvivalRing is “Study Yesterday…Prepare Today…Live Tomorrow.”  Ignoring history creates future problems that could have been avoided. Don’t be a victim, when you can be safe and secure at any time. Rich lives these words everyday, and shares his experiences via SurvivalRing and many social website, including Facebook.


Who runs SurvivalRing?


SurvivalRing is more than just a website with a whole boatload of links on it. It is a group of people working together as a team, with a single goal of working to help anyone that we come in contact with learn more about our world around us and how to stay safe in our surroundings. The core of this site began with all the members of SurvivalRing webring, all having an interest in sharing information and providing tools and training in the art of Preparedness. With the hundreds of ring members, and the thousands of emails we got each month, it takes more than a single person to keep it up to date, so we’ve had a few friends join in with us to help me stay on top of the important stuff.  The webring has seen better days, since changing hands multiple times in the ensuing 17 years, with the current company taking out the ability for the ringmaster to manage their rings as they see fit.


This page will tell you a little bit more about the founder of SurvivalRing. Also, any and all volunteers who join up with us will also get a mention on this page, since they will be helping run the ring and keep it the best that it can be, by checking ring sites and notifying us with some regularity of missing sites, invalid linkages, or other similar problems.



NAME: Richard Fleetwood

Rich River Selfie

LOCATION: Riverton, Wyoming


Richard’s Personal Page
The SurvivalRing Homepage
The NEW Blast Shelter Site…Under Construction
USA Target List (Nuclear Targets in the USA)
My Voyager (Kawasaki ZN1300 Fan Page)


PHILOSOPHY: Nobody ever got hurt by being TOO prepared. Take advantage of all the tools, technology, knowledge, and information available to you NOW, teaching yourself what you MAY need to know to deal with what MIGHT happen where you live. Your family will thank you and you will help more than you think by just taking the time to DO IT.


OCCUPATION/BACKGROUND: Letter Carrier, U.S. Postal Service from 1991 to September 2000, over the road driver from September 2000 to April 2001. Manager of McDonalds of Lander, Wyoming from May 2001 to May 2003. Returned to school  from 2003 to 2008 to pursue 3 degrees ( Associates Applied Science Degrees in Web Design and Electronic Media Production, and General Education). Currently an employee of the State of Wyoming, working as an Information Specialist at the Wyoming Honor Farm, the minimum security facility of the Wyoming Department of Corrections. Prior work includes manufacturing, construction, computer operations, research, sales, and hi-tech defense electronics (FLIR and lasers).


I am politically conservative and consider myself a Constitutionalist, christian, believe in a strong work ethic, and believe anything worthwhile is worth fighting for…no matter how long or how hard.


I have certificates from FEMA in Emergency Program Managers and Radiological Emergency Management.


My Resume… (not updated since 2008)


THOUGHTS ON PREPAREDNESS: With so many people in this world who COULD have been saved time, trouble, injury, and maybe even death by OTHERS taking the time to gather and learn skills in JUST a few areas, why are so many still sitting on their hands NOT taking care of themselves, and therefore helping to make things worse in the long run? Most governments practice self preservation, and some even do it to HELP their citizens as well….but the citizen should be the one MAKING it happen, in all areas of society.


THOUGHTS ON SURVIVAL: The whole point of human existence, even unto this day, is to JUST SURVIVE all the trials and tribulations that this little floating ball of dirt, mud, and rocks can throw at us. Learning how to do it in any and all ways possible, in the worst or most improbable situations, does NOT a survivalist make. Neither does just owning a gun and waiting for Armageddon or Martial Law or The Second Coming. Or just being a Stark Raving Lunatic (SRL), complaining about black helicopters and alien implants. Every branch of our military teaches in every aspect of every job, how to survive in combat. We then throw these warriors out to the bad guys to see how well they learned their job. Our schools teach us (or should) how to survive in the business world. Our politicians strive to “survive” all the slings and arrows that public work can throw at them. Our poor and sick and criminal in this country just try to “survive” one more hour, or one more day, or one more meal.


The recent attack on the WTC brought the entire idea of REAL prepardness back to this country in a big way. We must ALL remain vigilant and do everything we can to protect our loved ones for when the NEXT terrorist attack occurs…wherever and whenever it might…we won’t know until it is too late. Just practice situational awareness at ALL times….


THOUGHTS ON Y2K: Visit my page on this topic specifically here on SurvivalRing at Rafleet’s Thoughts on Y2k.



BOOK: Earth in Upheaval, by Immanuel Velikovsky – No other book covers in such depth the geologic history of the turmoil this planet has gone thru, in HISTORIC times. A very good reason to know more about POSSIBLE earth changes.



Deep Survival – Laurence Gonzales

Single Combat
– Dean Ing

Strategic Relocation – Joel Skousen


QUOTE: “I drank WHAT??” – Socrates


MENTOR(s): My late father, who even though he had areas he could have improved in, instilled in me the quest to never stop learning, and to try to be the best at all that I do.


Immanuel Velikovsky, who, when he came out with his theories on global earth changing events in historical times, via WORLDS IN COLLISION and EARTH IN UPHEAVAL, and bore the brunt of the entire scientific community for what HE believed in, stood up to the task and never backed down, and found many of his scientific theories proved decades later. Stuff happens, and people get hurt…and he reached back to the edges of history to try to find out how it might be avoided in the future, by knowing what really happened in the past.


See My Point?


MOVIES: – (a) “Real Genius” – About how a government can really do bad things with tax funds, including building giant space lasers that can vaporize human sized targets on the ground. (Must be my background in a laser lab in the late 1980s that keeps me watching it every so often!!)


(b) “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” – For pure insipid and deep laughter, including such great scenes as the Black Knight, the killer rabbit, the shrubberies, and “Help! I’m being repressed! Come see the violence inherent in the system!” Grab the screenplay here


(c) “Braveheart” – A Mel Gibson film about William Wallace, the Scottish hero. “Every Man Dies…Not Every Man Really Lives” is a quote I take to heart from this movie. You have to watch this movie at least once to see what bravery and courage really mean.


(d) “The Patriot” – Another Mel Gibson epic, about the founding of the United States. Every once in a while, when the political wonks start screaming and whining again, I think about this movie, and say to myself, “Could this happen again?”


(e) “Dances With Wolves” – Kevin Costner’s Oscar winning movie about the west. Now living near one of the largest reservations in the nation, I really appreciate his touching portrayal of the Souix Nation, and get to enjoy the wonderful Wyoming vistas every day. Having passed thru the Hills of South Dakota shown in the movie, I think I like Wyoming better.



Getting emails from all over the world from people thankful for my work on my webpages and on this webring. I NEVER expected this project to get so huge and grow so fast. It has really given me an opportunity to help friends and strangers learn how they can live better and safer lives, and help those all around them, and it gives me a great feeling that the information gathered and presented here WILL save lives at some point in the future.


Updated: April 23, 2016 — 5:29 pm

The Author

Rich Fleetwood

Rich is the founder of SurvivalRing, now in it's 24th year, author of multimedia CDs and DVDs, loves the outdoors, his family, his geeky skill-set, and lives in rural southern Wyoming, just below the continental divide (long story, that...). Always ready to help others, he shares what he learns on multiple blogs, many social sites, and more. With a background in preparedness and survival skills, training with county, state, and national organizations, and skills in all areas of media and on air experience in live radio and television, Rich is always thinking about the "big picture", when it comes to helping individuals and families prepare for life's little surprises.

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