Soviet-Amerika? The Russian word soviet is – or was – innocent enough. It means council. You know, like city council or student council. In reality, as epitomized by the Soviet Union, it came to be synonymous with an oppressive monstrosity that destroyed the dreams of hundreds of millions and took the lives of tens of millions. The Cheka, the KGB, the gulag, the commissar, the bullet in the neck, baby.

The United States of America is ever more coming to resemble the old Soviet Union. Beginning with a governing concept of limited central government and enshrinement of individual rights, the US has been slowly-but-surely transforming – some would say metastasizing – itself into a collectivist, totalitarian behemoth which bears little resemblance to its original form. It’s become Amerika.

What are the Freedom Files? They’re my blows-against-the-empire, my rage against the machine. They’re weapons of mass instruction! They’re my love of the Americans and disdain for the new Amerika.

Enjoy them! Share them! Raise some hell and be part of their problem and our solution!

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