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c.bundyI'm watching this situation in Nevada for several reasons...all DIRECTLY related to Federal overreach in so many ways. Warning...this is QUITE long...but you need to read it. But, I have to say first, that as an employee of the state of Wyoming, my job requires me to work directly with the BLM Wild Horse and Burro program, and in my five plus years in this job, I've never seen the BLM, with my own eyes, do anything even REMOTELY similar to what is happening in Clark County, Nevada.  What other things AM I dealing with that brings this day's situation and confrontations to the forefront of my mind? I'll list a few for you...maybe you'll understand WHY I'm referencing the Nevada issue tonight. Read closely. Pay attention to my words, and watch over the next few days what happens in Clark County.  Mr. Cliven Bundy has already stated that he'll stand his ground against the federal government, much like Randy Weaver did...back in 1992 (  Bundy believes strongly in the 10th amendment, and State's Rights.   Strangely, Bundy took his stand against paying the BLM for grazing rights the FOLLOWING year, in 1993, and refused to be extorted further by the state and federal agencies since that time, causing the BLM to begin this week to confiscate the cattle of the Bundy clan out on the public range....but why now?  Only God knows what reason.  Remember this...I'm watching as an observer now, a private citizen...and I recall all too well the events of Waco, Ruby Ridge, OKC...and how they changed Americans...and government...and the evil that arose back in those days BECAUSE of it. I moved from Texas to Alabama in a job transfer within the USPS, only weeks before Waco was torched. Being a born and bred Texan, I could not believe what the feds did...or why. It was simply the biggest murder rampage EVER in the history of Texas, by Americans from our own government, against a group people who would have eventually come out when they ran out of food. Un-fucking-believable. Let's continue with my real connection to the current events in Nevada...Here goes. 1) Bundy made a reference this week to Randy Weaver, a victim of Federal government murder. In October 1999, I met Randy Weaver, while I was attending the 1999 Birmingham pre-Y2k Gun Show. I'd gone with a friend, someone I had validated as a Vietnam Vet, SF, Medic. Between helping him set up, and watching his table, I did some window shopping, and came across Weaver at his table, on the south side of the convention center area of the show.  He was selling copies of his book, of HIS side of the story...something I really hadn't seen covered in the years after his special place in history. He was about 4 or 5 inches shorter than me, graying, grizzled hair, and a quiet and modest man. Certainly not an anti-government domestic terrorist, classified as a separatist, right the heart of Birmingham, Alabama....well known in history for its racial division, KKK, bombings, and so much horrible violence in the 20th century.  If Weaver was a separatist, he wouldn't have stepped a toe in Alabama, much less Birmingham. He was neither a Mark Kournke nor a William Cooper...both loudmouth, conspiracy-laden media hacks who invented stories that made them the darlings of what become the rebirth of American Militias...a bad thing. Over the day, I chatted with Randy a couple of times. Seriously, if you were a fan of American History, you'd want to take a moment to chat just a little bit, with someone who had been on the wrong-ass end of a Federal Criminal Investigation, AND who had been shot by them, and seen his wife and son killed by almighty federal snipers, right in front of his eyes.  Nothing deep, nothing personal. Just a quiet conversation about time, family, and moving on. That was the only conversation I ever had with him, and I purchased a copy of his book to read later, which he signed for me. A memory of a man haunted by demons YOU AND I will never stand up to. A notch in the gun belt of my life. More on that later. 2) A year later, almost to the day, I moved with my family to Wyoming, resigning a job I loved, as a federal employee...a city letter carrier for the US Postal Service, which I held as a career for almost 10 years. In the late 90's. a friend I'd known since junior high school had convinced me over several months that a trucking venture he had started in Wyoming, held promise for big money, and traveling the USA.  I bit...quit...and we moved. The job was the worst decision I ever made in my life, and it cost me everything I made on the road doing the job, PLUS my postal retirement of tens of thousands of dollars. I hadn't done my due diligence...and we wound up homeless in Wyoming...and started over. But that's not the pertinent part of my backstory. The move, and business failure, eventually led me back to college in Central Wyoming, and I earned three college degrees in under 5 years, in web development, broadcasting, and education. BEST thing that ever happened to me. Now, for the interesting part.  Remember that 2nd degree above, the broadcasting one? Yep...that was with Wyoming Public Television, based at Central Wyoming College. Over the 4+ years at CWC, I did dozens and dozens of live shows, satellite truck video shoots, ran master control, and handled titles and audio on countless shows and events, and was involved in history in the making events (Vice president Cheney entering the public again, after accidentally shooting his friend in Texas while quail hunting...I was the main camera operator shooting head on video during his speech in the opening day of that year's legislature). Dozens of satellite trucks from all over the country taking feeds from our Sat. truck, and I'm keeping steady hands and solid framing of his speech, and it's going out to the entire western world. Wow. Breathtaking...and stunningly huge parts of my life. During that period of time, on the opening convocation of CWC that year of Cheney's speech, a certain Mr. Gerry Spence, of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, was the main speaker. Mr. Spence was the man who defended Randy Weaver in the federal trial of Weaver, regarding the fiasco of the FBI/ATF operations that cost him his wife, his son, and years of his life.  As a project for my broadcasting degree, I personally videoed Spence's speech that day, and edited it into a full blown hour plus DVD, shooting two cameras at once. He learned about the video a few days later, and requested a copy from me...and I was glad to do it, handling it personally for him. As I learned during his convocation speech, Mr. Spence had started his law career right here in Riverton, Wyoming decades before, and in his years in town, had made many friends, and many enemies (guess that's par for the course in his line of work), and had made his mark in the judicial world by getting Weaver acquitted of the charges the Feds lobbed at him. With that video project, and in those few personal contacts with Spence, I did ask him one simple off the subject question, regarding Weaver, mentioning I'd met him years before in Alabama. I asked Spence, "Was he screwed by the feds, made out as an example to scare any one else brave enough to take a stand and just want to be left alone?"  A short pause. A muffled cough of clearing his throat. "Yes...I believe he was".  Notch #2. How the hell was I to know, in my simple, yet sometimes mixed up life, that I'd be meeting both ends of such a tragic, yet massive federally created and managed disaster of such immense proportions that it changed the face of "evil US government" to "Murderous US government"? Under Clinton, our rule of law became one of the most thug-laden cluster-fucks the world had ever seen within our own shores. Fate? Karma? Shits and giggles from someone on high? I'll never know...but I do know this. The last 20 years of my life has been about learning more about American History, in every way, shape, and form. That ever increasing and deep study has changed my political foundation, from simple conservative, to staunch Constitutionalist. I believe in giving people a hand up, not a hand out. Slaves are made in that we have seen in 2008 and 2012. The Rights of Man. Pure and simple. The Rule of Law. What we see today is that, which is so abundantly clear and sadly, has been increasingly overt and in your face with such violence and spittle-laden screams from mindless liberal drones...that it can not be mistaken for anything...but what it is. Those that have the money....rule the law. A direct reference to what is happening to our poor Mr. Bundy in Clark County. Quick review....#1 - Met Randy Weaver. #2 - Met Gerry Spence 7 years later. Connected the dots from the two people who PROVED it was government malfeasance of the highest order that led to the deaths of his family members, and nearly killed from the US Department of Justice.  These two items are a forewarning of what Mr. Bundy is up against...and the BLM? WHY? Why are they forming such a formidable force against a cattle rancher who for all intents and purposes, INCREASED the use of unused land, but as a rancher cared for and helped the land be useful and abundant as a reusable source for his herds for decades. This, causing increasingly personal threats from snipers, mulitple uses of tasers on family memers, attack dogs let loose at pregnant women and others, and cancer survivors thrown to the ground by thuggish LEO personnel?  Dear God...where is the common sense in all this? Oh wait, there IS none. It's strictly a show of force against ONE man, over TAXES...with threat of DEATH (with snipers and machine guns, what else would they plan on doing, if things went to the ultimate level of response?). Why? To remind all of and me...that this is no longer our nation.  It's the MONEY that rules who lives, dies, or grows mushrooms in their butt cracks. The power, ultimate life and death rulings and decisions of who keeps or loses freedom (and liberty), belongs to those who write the laws, pass the laws, take ever growing portions of our personal income, and threaten and berate us and COST us even more income by passing more laws to steal even more money with every waking hour.  One word...Obamacare. One number. $18 trillion. While they've stolent just over one third of Bundy's beef herd, they're broadcasting on mainstream media that they don't have the funds to continue feeding a certain strain of desert tortoise, and they're going to have to EUTHANIZE them? (read it your self -  Steal someone's herd, and then KILL TURTLES YOU'RE SWORN TO PROTECT AND DEFEND AND MANAGE? Who's running these things....fucking morons? Regarding Bundy? The taking of rights and practice, held for generations, and extortion enforced by the guys with guns to CONTINUE paying up, or suffer the consequences. Where. Is. The. Justice?'s part 3. MY personal experience with another Federal Agency over-reaching its bounds...right here in my home town of Riverton, Wyoming. I've got several dogs in this particular fight...allow me tell you about them.  We've lived here for 13 years, in this small rural western town, on the eastern foot of the Rockie Mountains. I've been all over this state, nearly exclusively with Wyoming PBS filming events, producing live shows or recording for editing, and fucntioned as production personnel in all areas of state government. I met previous governor Dave Fredenthal several times, state and federal legislators, and celebrities, both with PBS, and as a student representative from our college down in the state capital. Haven't met Matt Mead yet, our current GOP governor, though I expect to in the coming months, for reasons I'm not at liberty to say, because of my job in the state.  Here's the turning of the worm for part 3... You may have heard the huge rumble regarding the Wind River Indian Reservation, and the EPA CHANGING reservation boundaries, to overlook treaties and state legislature decisions delineated in a 1905 congressional change to the original reservation boundaries, AGREED TO by the feds, the state, AND the leaders of the tribes at that time, that split out a the eastern center part of the reservation for homesteaders to get land grants and form cities, specifically Riverton, (map of the issue here ) Pavilion, Kinnear, and a few other tiny places that really don't qualify as "towns". The tribes say these towns, and OLD reservation boundaries, are STILL Indian Country, and therefore they should have rights of jurisdiction, 109 years AFTER they ceded the land as stated by the 1905 law. That means where I live now, according to them, is reservation land. That means if I was to buy any land around here, if this EPA unjust ruling stands, the tribes could throw eminent domain around, and just take it from anyone they pleased. Oh, and that job I have with the state, is on the northern edge of Riverton...1000 acres of STATE property. Yep, that would go to.  Our governor is putting up a fight, using the state's attorney general. Our federal legislators in Washington DC, Senator's Enzi and Barraso, and Representative Lummis are writing bills as we speak to fight this federal overreach of land, by the EPA, by ultimate mandate... without any review by the Judicial or Legislative branches of the triad of Federal Government.  Landowners, business owners, local municipalities, and literally everyone with ANY understanding of the American Constitution are paying microscopically close attention to this agency's intentional overreach of the EPA limitations, by setting precedents of LEGAL changes they have NO POWER to make. In other words, a VERY personal example, right in front of my own eyes, of federal governmetn Executive Branch malaise and corruption...ruling by fiat and direction of the worst presidential administration this nation has EVER seen, in all of our glorious American History. It absolutely makes me so bloody nauseous to see tyranny and theft by law, right in front a town I call my home, in a job that means so much to me, in a state that is one of THE most conservative in the nation.  Notch #3. Wyoming is the EQUALITY state. Individual rights. Justice for all. Not the "screw me out of my business, take my home of 50 years, steal my family ranch of 100 years, nor  limit my future forever" changes...because a handful of people in those two tribes (both full of corruption and embezzlement themselves, thanks to the 3 casinos that now exist on the edges of the Rez). Just this week, one of the tribe's general councils fired several business council members, without publicized call or reason, leaving the council unable to operate, since without those people, they don't have enough people to form a quorum. Gee...hindsight is 20/20. Stupidity abounds. So...Bundy is ready to pay the ultimate penalty of potential death, for his beliefs that he has the rights to graze on public land, without paying for it...because he sees the fees for what they are... extortion...which has driven all the other ranchers from Clark county. Let me repeat that for emphasis...ALL the other ranchers of Clark County are gone. Bundy is the LAST man standing. He's not standing alone. Thousands of Americans are coming to stand with him.  A cliche coming up, but very poignant and directly related to Bundy and clan. "Those who fail to remember history, are doomed to repeat it." Bundy feels he has a God given right to do what he's been doing for 20 years. The feds are ready to kill him for his beliefs...and they have directly related experience in exactly that kind of thing, murdering innocent men, women and children either by gunfire, snipers, or intentionally set blazes.  The feds, again, stealing a man's livelihood, destroying his life, and threatening and abusing the people he loves and cares for...because they can...because previous politicians and political hacks have changed, rewritten, or added new laws that give them the legal act to do...what they are now doing. Is Bundy right? Is he doing the right thing? Is he doing it to say to the feds, and at the same time, all Americans...that SOMEONE has to make that stand? I believe HE believes he has the rights. I believe HE feels he's been wronged, screwed over, and left without any other alternatives.  And...yes...I believe that the BLM, their task force, their snipers, gunners, and thugs, and all their federal backup...are ready to kill again.  This is one for the courts to decide. But, in this administration and political environment, how could Bundy, or really, even any of us, trust the courts to do the right thing? AG Holder is not known as anything but a righteous, preening, racist, lying meat puppet, who does nothing to help the "Common Man", which is THE reason for position existing in the first place. Where does this all end, for Bundy, and real Americans? In the courtroom by a jury of his peers, or in the gutter, an American (or several) lying dead on the pavement with their life's blood slowly oozing away into history. Watch and learn. Remember what eventually happens with this standoff.  But for the grace of God, could go you and I.
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I'm inspired to share this very detailed infographic today for two reasons. The first is a book I just finished this week called "One Second After",  a contemporary view of what our daily life would be like, should an attack by our worst foes and enemies procure, launch and light off high yield nuclear weapons specifically designed for maximized electromagnetic pulse . The second reason is my life experience. I went through 4 years of high school Army ROTC, enjoying the living hell out of it. In 1975, a drunk driver ended my military aspirations by trying to tear my right leg off with his pickup truck...I was on my motorcycle serving my paper route that afternoon, when he failed to yield the right of way. I recovered, mostly intact, but never forgot why I was in ROTC in the first place. My brother and sister both served in the Air Force, and even now, my brother is in the Sand Box as a contractor, after retiring from the AF after over 26 years in. Many of my uncles and in-laws served as well, and I have a good many friends who saw too much combat in the last 15 years.

We see all around us in our own nation the political battles of conservatives and liberals in never ending manipulation of our rule of law, systemic fraud and corruption at the highest levels of our administration and all three branches of our unique republic, and bloody tribal warfare in 150 countries right now. War on our soil, the good old USA, is just a matter of time. If you're a veteran, you have first hand knowledge of what awaits us if we don't save our nation. If you're not a veteran, you need to study your history....a LOT of history...because, yes, it does tend to repeat itself a lot on this planet. Tyranny is usually the goal, with the total enrichment of the few, at the cost and blood, sweat and tears of the many. With that said, take some time and examine this infographic, and the many unique details and history below. Art of War

The Art of War

Maneuver Warfare Goal: Incapacitate decision-making by shock and disruption
Characteristics: Isolation and exploitation of enemy weaknesses through movement.
Quote: “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” Sun Tzu The Art of War Attrition Warfare
Goal: Achieve victory through killing of capturing enemy
Characteristics: All out matching of enemy, where enemy is strongest you send most strength.
Quote: “A Soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.” Napoleon Bonaparte

The Art of Movement in War

< p>The Battle of Marathon; 490 B.C.
Commanders: Militiades/Callimachus/Arimnestus
Men: 8-10,000
9000 Hoplites/1000 Plataeans
Commanders: Datis/Artaphernes
Men: 20-60,000
Description of soldiers:
Hoplites: Heavily armored, carried large circular shields, spears, known for moving in phalanxes.
Plataeans: Members of a small city south of Thebes who came in Athens hour of need before the Battle of Marathon. Occupied the left column. “Double Envelopment”
(1) Militiades reinforced wings, weakening center.
(2) As they ran across the plain, the Persians– surprised at the audacious, outnumbered Greeks– charged. (1) Greek center enacted a well-ordered retreat.
(2) Overextended Persians are beset from both sides with majority of Greek force. (1) Persians retreat, with Greeks slaying many and capturing 7 ships.
203 Greek
6,400 Battle of Zama 204 BC[4]
Commanders: Scipio Africanus
Men: 34,000 infantry
3,000 cavalry
6,000 Numidian cavalry
Description of troops:
Numidian cavalry–compact horses with little armor. used in loose formations for lobbing javelins, harassing the enemy then escaping counterattacks.
Commander: Hannibal
Men: 50,000 infantry
4,000 cavalry
80 elephants Organization:
Hannibal charges elephants. Scipio is ready with thin sections of lightly armored troops that can move, opening channels for the elephants to go through. Roman and Numidian cavalry flank, driving the mercenaries from the field.
Hannibal and Scipio advance centers. Scipio easily fights through recruits, but is stalled by veterans. Scipio’s cavalry return from behind Hannibal, breaking lines from both sides and driving the enemy from the field. The Battle of Blore Heath; War of the Roses; 1459[5]
Commanders: Baron Audley, Baron Dudley
Men: 8,000-14,000
Commander: Earl ofSalisbury
3,000-5,000 men Organization:
Lancastrians deployed behind great hedge for ambush. Flags spotted over hedge. Yorkist deploy. They Set up on opposite sides of a stream in a deep embankment. Arrow fire in ineffectual.
Yorkists set up defensively with one flank against the woods, another against encircled wagon train. Yorkists feign defeat at their center. Baiting a charge by Lancastrian cavalry (probably not ordered). They resume places and slaughter them from the superior position uphill. Lancastrians reform and push with more men. More successfully cross the stream, where Baron Audley is killed. In anger the Lancastrians reform 4000 more troops and cross again. 500 Lancastrians desert to the Yorkists, seeing it as a lost cause. Casualties:
Lancastrians: 2,000
Yorkists: 1,000 Operation Jaywick: 1943[7]
Australian Z Special unit
Commander: Major Ivan Lyon
Men: 13 Commandos
Equipped with canoes, and with skin dyed to look like local Singaporan fisherman. September 19th: MV Krait, the deployment and escape boat drops off 3 teams of two on Padjang Island, south of Singapore. Krait heads on a 10 day loop to Borneo.
September 25th: The Canoe teams head to Subar island, 7 miles from their target.
September 26th: 3 teams of two paddle in collapsible canoes from Padjang Island into Singapore’s harbor. Place mines on 7 Japanese ships. Dump equipment. Return to basecamp.
October 2nd, 3rd: First team picked up after midnight, two others missed. Returned next night to pick up last two teams. Returned to Australia. Casualties:
Australians: 0
Japanese: 39,000 tons of cargo destroyed. Operation Phantom Fury[9][10]
Manuever Warfare allowed U.S./Iraqi forces to take an occupied Fallujah with 1/27 casualty to enemy death ration
Coalition Commanders:
U.S. Richard Natonski, James Mattis
U.K. James Cowan
Men: 10,500 U.S., 2,000 Iraq, 850 U.K.
Commanders: Adbullah al-Janabi, Omar Hussein Hadid
Men: 4,000 Enable large civilian evacuation (70-90% left). This allows less inhibited movement, attacking.
Bomb the city for several weeks.
Advance with snipers behind, tanks and bulldozers in advance, and men clearing buildings. Insurgents meanwhile had tunnels leading back out of the city for supplies. While U.S. forces didn’t know what was ahead, and had to advance slowly, the insurgents were able to move fluidly, reinforcing weak positions.
Two main tactics:
1. Bisect city by controlling east to west highway. Take civic objectives (mayor’s office, mosques, commercial centers). Isolate threats on a 2. Block by block basis, surround and clear as seen necessary. Casualties:
U.S.: 38
Iraqi: 6
Insurgents: 1200; 1,500 captured. Such is the art of war
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From Rich...this regular online email newsletter from the Northwest Preppers and Survivalist's group has some great content. While I may not agree with every link and/or news story referenced here, the vast amount of timely and interesting and useful information is well worth a few moments of your time. Please give it a review in your daily schedule and you'll definitely pickup some great nuggets to put to use in your daily routine. 

[Shared with permission]


Vic <>Fri, Jan 31, 2014 at 6:20 AM

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Property Rights Bill Introduced After Va. Woman Threatened with Fines for Kids' Birthday Party. Idaho needs a property rights bill like this one being introduced in Virginia: 
The New Social Class Structure To Be Brought About By Agenda 21
Bernanke Leaves Fed with Record Balance Sheet of $4,102,138,000,000. Since 2006, when Bernanke became chairman of the Federal Reserve, the Feds assets have increased by almost 400% in value. This happened while most of the population of this country lost over 50% of the value of their assets. Keep in mind that the Fed is privately owned by a consortium of big central banks including those from other countries. Maybe its time to shut down the Fed. 
NewsBusted 1/17/14    (2 min video)
Thanks LV 
Short season growing for the northwest:
Frost dates for WA.  Take a look at Davenport where I live.  No wonder I have such a hard time getting the tomatoes to ripen.  It is even later than Colville's:
Information for growing in Washington:
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You Are An Involuntary Servant to Almighty Government
Obama admin forcing Agenda 21. Here they go forcing Agenda 21 upon the populace under the guise of enriching the middle class. Anyone who hasn’t studied the truth about Agenda 21 needs to get educated, and fast! “Sustainable development” is code for the elite ruling class stealing your property.
Psychopathy and the controlling elite
Wheat Cuts Blood Flow to Frontal Cortex
Washing State wants to tax your mileage. Lawmakers in Washington state are edging closer to implementing a new system that would monitor and tax drivers based on miles driven, under a new highway funding proposal.

What’s up with the snow?  Dane Wigington People around the globe have taken notice of what appears to be very strange characteristics of the snow falling of late.  The snow does not appear to melt in a usual fashion and many report the snow emits a chemical smell when exposed to an open flame. Is this possible? 

Canadian govt destroys ecological records - dismisses scientists. Climate change is a complex, dynamic, and sometimes polarizing issue. Libraries, on the other hand, are an established democratic institution meant to bring people together and facilitate the sharing of information. 
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Another great infographic from my friend Charlotte. Sadly, I have to agree with most of what you're about to read.

Americas Lost Liberties Infographic

This infographic explains the liberties that America has lost in recent years. American citizens continues to sit quietly while we loose our liberties. In recent years, we have lost so many liberties that most are not aware of.

The following infographic list liberties that we have lost (and a few that are still in the works) within the last 15 years. America should not sit idle as our freedoms are being plucked away in the night. The average American is not aware that former president George W. Bush made it legal for the U.S. military to be deployed on our own soil to be used against us.

The average Joe might also not know that a U.S. citizen can be deported to a place where they can torture us for information even if you are not a suspected terrorist. Its also fact that not only are most of our phone calls have been illegally wire tapped, but the NSA is using private contractors to spy  on your tweets and facebook post.

President Obama made campaign promises that he would protect the privacy of innocent Americans, yet here we are today in a digital world where everything is recorded and monitored illegally by the NSA.  The following infographic contains factual information that is easily verifiable with a minimal amount of research. The statistics contained in this infographic are conducted from education institutions, and major polling agencies.



 Thank you, Charlotte...

See their site at

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News you can use - What's Big Bro Up To Now?

 Omnibus funds record number of Border Patrol agents, ICE detention beds

By David Perera @ FierceHomelandSecurity <>

As a result of omnibus appropriations legislation funding federal agencies through September, Customs and Border Protection will have a record level of agents and officers and Immigration and Customs Enforcement will have the highest detention capacity in history.

The House approved the $1.012 trillion funding measure (H.R. 3547) by a vote of 359-67; the bill, which consolidates normally separate appropriations acts for federal agencies, is expected to pass the Senate.

The bill funds the Homeland Security Department and its components at an overall level of $39.3 billion in discretionary funding, an amount that's $336 million less than the previous fiscal year's enacted level, the House Appropriations Committee says in a DHS summary (.pdf).

CBP, however, will see an increase of $110.6 million over the enacted fiscal 2013 level, to reach $10.6 billion in appropriations for this fiscal year--allowing for "the highest operational force levels in history--21,370 Border Patrol agents and 23,775 CBP officers." Continue reading →

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5.0 out of 5 stars You MUST read this book, if you're worried about our immediate threats to our liberty and freedom.

Reviewed  on Amazon on October 11, 2013
sshot-5By Richard Fleetwood  (Riverton, Wyoming) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: Enemies Foreign And Domestic (The Enemies Trilogy) (Kindle Edition)

I've literally read thousands of books in the last 40 years, and I can easily say this trilogy hit me in the gut, like NO other book series.

I bought these months ago, after reading this book for free by "borrowing" the book using Amazon Prime. It sucked me in. Think Tom Clancy...some of his best work. Then, put real world, here in America backgrounds, evil henchmen coast to coast working FOR the government, actively getting Civil War Two started, and your worst nightmares of conspiracy theory tripe actually turning out to be real.

Matt's protagonists (or heroes and their friends), in simple words, are folks like you and me. Normal Americans, in a nation turned upside down and inside out...just like what's REALLY happening now. Patriotism does mean something here, and what we used to believe in, before our trip down Socialist Lane these last few years, weaves in and out and through this tome and it's successors.

If you are concerned about what we are facing...right now...this very moment...with Obamacare, IRS scandals all over the place, gun running in Benghazi and Syria AND of course Mexico, DC marches every other week, and evil American leaders doing horrible things to each and every one of us...such as armed police keeping us out of OUR national parks and monuments, leaders bypassing the constitution continuously, the NSA spying on EVERY one of us, and the cherry on top of the current federal SHUTDOWN...well, you need to read the first book. Then, you'll HAVE to get the other two books to understand what we really MAY lose,

Support Matt and convince him we really DO need more books like this....if we truly are going to save our nation.

I can't say enough good things about Matt's fiction and essays. Do your homework on him, read his essays on several sites, and get to know this man. Cutting edge in a bloody scary future. You'll either love or hate this book....but I'm betting you'll love it.

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You heard about the EBT (food stamp) fiasco down in Louisiana? The Walmart in two cities decided, when the network that verifies and validates EBT funds crashed this past weekend, to allow buyers to basically put unlimited purchases onto EBT cards...and that was followed by a mad rush of hundreds of EBT users literally EMPTYING the entire grocery and meat section of the store.
Walmart managers called corporate, and corp said "ring'em up" at those two stores, who are now being told that WALMART will be held libel for any overages not covered by EBT. And, each EBT user's purchases WERE recorded via the system, so the feds know WHO got how much over.  16 other states were affected in this EBT crash, yet only Louisiana got smashed and grabbed.

Here's the thing...there was a panic, when the EBT cards did not work. We, the people that actually PAY the taxes that gets forwarded to actually pay for these EBT debts, saw in TWO HOURS what happens when the food stamp system crashes.

Now..think about the government shutdown. The USDA is offline due to the congressional shit storm over paying for government costs (shuttered because Reid and Obama ... the two largest assholes in the world ... WON'T accept ANYTHING that does NOT fund Obamacare). 

That shutdown is creating the NEXT crisis...the USDA funds the food stamp program, and there are movements in the direction of NOT being able to FUND EBT cards for November. 

Now, think of Louisiana...gone NATIONAL. Breakdowns of civil life and society in grocery stores all over the nation. Riots. Looting. Stealing. Homicide? Murder? Where does it stop?

Why do I bring these things up?

Because of this....

"The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) will continue operations and eligible households will still receive monthly benefits for October. The authority to make October benefit payments comes from the Recovery Act, through which Congress provided “such sums as are necessary” to finance the SNAP benefit provided for in the Recovery Act. In addition, about $2 billion in contingency funding will be available and could be used to support State Administrative activities essential to continue the program and issue and process benefits. These contingency funds were provided in the FY 2013 appropriation and do not expire until the end of FY 2014."

Dates on each plan, listed by agency, on what is going to happen.

Agency Contingency Plans | The White House

Foodstamp Program Shutdown Imminent? | Zero Hedge

Read this....(the currently shuttered agency that administers the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) memo obtained by the Crossroads Urban Center in Utah carries in it a very disturbing warning for the 46+ million Americans currently on foodstamps.

To wit: "understanding the operational issues and constraints that States face, and in the interest of preserving maximum flexibility, we are directing States to hold their November issuance files and delay transmission to State electronic benefit transfer (EBT) vendors until further notice." In other words, as Fox13News summarizes, "States across the country are being told to stop the supplemental nutrition assistance program for the month of November, pending further notice."

Here's an image of the USDA letter shared on Crossroad's Urban Center Facebook page ( an emergency food pantry in Utah).

crossroads letter


It's right here...directly from our government. What is there left to say?

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