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Monthly Archives: January 2011

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Yes, it's been a while since any blog posts or new articles on SurvivalRing. Life's like that sometimes when you have multiple priorities in your life, including a real world job with the state of Wyoming, a home business, caring for grandchildren and helping adult offspring, dealing with multiple vehicular mechanical issues and then doing all the repairs yourself, and then trying to maintain health and household needs to boot.

Unlike hundreds of other survival and self reliance websites, with authors and bloggers who update daily, or even weekly, my website (and blog) is first and foremost a RESOURCE. Gigabytes of downloads of ebooks, government manuals, sheltering plans, fallout planning, and the entire spectrum of all-hazards planning, self reliance content, technical info and data, classic books from the first decades of the 20th century, and so much more.

Obviously, I get a lot of traffic, moving  1.6 terabytes (1,600 gigabytes, or 1,600,000 megabytes) of data this past year. These are ASTOUNDING numbers for any survival or preparedness website. As we enter our 14th year online, I truly expect these numbers to continue to increase every day, every week, and every month.

But, with all this data being downloaded, I get virtually NO feedback from visitors. Maybe one or two emails a week at the MOST. In the early years of my websites coming online in the mid to late 1990s, such as the original Blast Shelter website on AOL, I would get dozens of emails a month, and sometimes a week. I loved looking forward to these incoming suggestions, ideas, thanks, and critiques, and even taunts for some of my crazy ideas.

Something has faded…

I returned to college in 2003, and brought my web development skills up to the cutting edge of technology and web services. This current site design allows for visitor interaction that is second to none...commenting on anything, forums, chat, help desk, and more. They're not being used. Programming and search functions allow visitors to find content ANYWHERE on site instantaneously, and our Google search engine placement in finding rare content and documents on our site is at the top of the charts.

As technology, social networking, the economy, and a myriad of other variables have adjusted the past few years, I've noticed the rise, and fall, of many survival websites. New groups, such as the American Preppers Networks, blog and Facebook groups, many rather large forums, and some well known authors frequently are targeted in the media as "resources" because of what these groups WRITE...which is mostly opinion, editorials, or reposting of news stories, OTHER websites content, and far rarer, actual NEW content and thinking in the realm of self reliance and self sufficiency.

Media …

Articles are good for Google and other search tools to keep those site's rankings up. But, original content is not often enough. The genre of "Survivalist" rantings (always on that bleeding media edge of "good survivalist/bad survivalist" neo-liberalist agendas) are generally a mishmash of myth, potential broken laws, overheated rhetoric, anti-social diatribes, name-calling, misdirection, media bashing, self aggrandizing, gun porn, post-civilization looting ideas, or societal breakdown scenarios and alternative sources for food, water, ammo, bartering, or militaristic tripe.

Boy, do I sound jaded and cynical, or what?

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